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Highway 2 Ashland County, Wisconsin Flooding near Bad River Reservation

Flooding in Northern Wisconsin Hits Bad River Reservation

Mary Annette Pember

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker declared a state of emergency Tuesday in the northern part of the state after storms caused flooding in eight counties. The Bad River Ojibwe reservation, located in Ashland County, has been hit hard.

Several roads on the reservation and surrounding area have been washed out.

“A trip that used to take only 10 minutes now takes hours,” according to Delphine Hurd, resident of Odanah on the Bad River Reservation.

High water has cut off car traffic to Ashland, the main town in the region. The Bad River near Odanah broke records with a rise of 27.28 feet. Photos from a story map site show flooding over portions of U.S. 2 near Odanah.

A natural gas main washed out on the Bad River reservation leaving many without a means to prepare meals and some households have lost power.

Community members and tribal agencies are going door to door in most affected areas to check on residents, organizing trips to outlying grocery stores for food and providing meals.

“Social and Family Services has reported to our posts and are assessing areas that need assistance. We were able to come up with funds to purchase essential food items and are organizing a trip to Ironwood, Michigan (located 30 miles away, it is the nearest accessible town) to buy milk, bread etc.,” Esie Leoso-Corbine, Bad River tribe Social and Family Service director wrote on the Bad River Community Posting board Wednesday.

“Stay calm everyone, we will get through this together,” she added.

According to NBC news two people have died as a result of the flooding.

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