Vincent Schilling
The Iroquois Nationals bested England at U19 Worlds (Photo from the WILC 2015)

Iroquois Nationals Stomp England, Edged by Canada at U19 Worlds

Vincent Schilling

The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team pulled a repeat of last year’s World Indoor Lacrosse Championships with an explosive victory against England with a 22-4 win on Friday July 8th at this year’s 2016 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Under-19 Men’s Lacrosse World Championships.

Eight Nationals scored; Tehoka Nanticoke had  five goals and one assist. The other players who scored against England included Austin Staats (4G, 1A), Skye Sunday (3G, 1A), Matthew Bennett (3G, 2A), Sekawnee Baker (3G), Larson Sundown (2G, 2A), Chase Scanlan (1G, 2A) and Skkylar Thomas (1G).

The Iroquois hosted Canada on Sunday night, but did not pull off the win, losing 12-9.

The U-19 website called the day’s match ‘bizarre’ when an electrical fire interrupted the game.

“With just over five minutes left in the third quarter, an electrical issue force an electrical stand to smoke, causing the lights to cut out at the stadium field. The game had to move to two other fields before finishing - one did not have enough working lights to safely light the field and the other had a timer go off and caused a delay of almost an hour before play could safely resume.”

The 2016 FIL World U-19 Lacrosse Championship are being held in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and run July 7-16, 2016, at the Coquitlam Town Centre Park, with main games and events held at Percy Perry Stadium.

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