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ICTMN’s UK-based correspondent Lisa J. Ellwood (Nanticoke-Lenape) has been invited to host the Canadian version of IndigenousX, IndigenousXca.

ICTMN’s Lisa J. Ellwood Hosting IndigenousXca on Twitter July 14–21


Australia’s @IndigenousX has been one of Twitter's most popular rotating accounts for the past few years, with almost 27,000 followers.

In an effort to keep that momentum going with a new Indigenous host each week covering a variety of topics, and due to her diligence in bringing awareness to Indigenous issues, ICTMN’s UK-based correspondent Lisa J. Ellwood (Nanticoke-Lenape) has been invited to host its Canadian version, @IndigenousXca, July 14th - starting at 7pm ET - through July 21st.

Indigenous X was founded by Luke Pearson in 2012. On its site Pearson says he was initially drawn to Twitter out of frustration “at the consistent lack of awareness, understanding and respect for Indigenous people and issues within the national dialogue.”

After accumulating more than 5,000 Twitter followers, Pearson turned his account into @IndigenousX with the goal of providing an opportunity for 52 other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people per year to share their knowledge, opinions and experiences with an international audience. He has since expanded its objectives to establishing an organization providing a number of services including media partnerships, business projects, and a literary anthology published in January of this year.

Ellwood’s week as host kicks off with a look at her "Comprehensive Report on MMIW: The Curiously Different Tales of Violence against Indigenous Women On Both Sides of Turtle Island" story.

Follow ICTMN Correspondent Lisa J. Ellwood on Twitter at @IconicImagery and on her week-long account at @IndigenousXca.

(Her personal account is @MochaLisaccino):

Followers of IndigenousXca are already welcoming Lisa J. Ellwood to her position as weekly host.

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