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Listen and Vote for Your Favorite Native Trailblazers Indie June Jamz Artist (Photo of Michael Bucher)

Listen and Vote for Your Favorite Native Trailblazers Indie June Jamz Artist


The Native Trailblazers Radio Show has announced a call for voting for their 2016 Sixth Annual Native Trailblazers #JuneJamz Native Indie Music Awards. Voting is open until September and Native artists who receive the most votes will be announced as the top 5 fan favorites on the show.

Earlier this summer, Native Trailblazers held its Sixth Annual Native Trailblazers #JuneJamz Native Indie Showcase and played music and spoken word tracks from a plethora of well-known Independent native artists such as Keith Secola, Bill Miller, Robert Mirabal, Jim Boyd and Nataanii Means.  

In addition to playing tracks from well-known indie artists, the series of June Jamz programs also showcased a selection of several up-and-coming Independent Native Artists from the U.S. and Canada and other indigenous communities from around the world to include Australia. Musical genres included Folk, Hip-Hop, Country and Electronic, Traditional, Drum and more.  

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In order to vote, listeners simply need to navigate to, voting is free and registration is not required.

Winners of the June Jamz showcase will receive promotional items from Native Trailblazers as well as copies of the Indie Bible and Public Relations and media support. The #1 selected artist will have their music featured on a future show as well as an interview on the program.

This year’s show was dedicated to the honor of Brianna Lee Pruett, a young Native artist who left us way too soon.

Those wishing to vote are invited to visit the Native Trailblazers website where they can listen to uploaded tracks and vote accordingly. These episodes are still available to listen to in the archives at Episodes of the show can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

Follow the Native Trailblazers radio show on Twitter: @NativeTrailblaz.

You may also take the survey directly here:


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