Charles Kader
Barricades surround Progressive Field on the first day of the RNC.

Seen and Heard: Day 1 at the RNC


Coverage from outside the Republican Nation Convention in Cleveland, Ohio began at a press briefing where Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and Police Public Information Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia shared details from Sunday’s peaceful march.

Officers in personal protective equipment gear (similar to that of pro-BMX riders) were on bicycles in the streets, and one minor arrest for petty theft was made. A local male attempted to remove a gas mask from an Ohio State Trooper near an impromptu demonstration and proved unsuccessful.

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At the briefing the chief was asked about the open carry law, and the few who had arrived with long guns during the Sunday gathering. He fielded questions about the numerous shootings over the weekend and assured the media the Cleveland police remain in normal posture and that no threats have been made against the department at this time.

In addressing the Sunday march, Williams said horse units were under pressure to control the crowd briefly, but that police will be used in sufficient numbers to ensure public safety.

Reports of property damage were unfounded.

Later in the day, as food trucks filled the air with a variety of scents and smoke, some 40 protesters gathered in Public Square. The Cleveland Plain Dealer described the protesters as Black Lives Matter supporters, while another group of protesters shared their racial theories and opinions over a loud speaker. The congregation was dispersed by Cleveland police.

The following are pictures by Charles Kader  that reflect the atmosphere outside the designated convention area:

Awaiting the press briefing prior to the start of the RNC.

Mayor Frank Jackson and Office of Government Affairs Director Dr. Valarie McCall at media briefing venue.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and Police Public Information Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, at media briefing.

Patricia Carter, with the League of Women's Voters, at a stand in Cleveland, outside City Hall. Exhorting voter participation.

Tipi without shell on lakefront in community garden in downtown Cleveland

A truck with loudspeakers is all over the place, exhorting in Ronald Reagan's voice, tell the U.S. Senate to do its job

Jim London, from rural Ohio, has Native American family connections to Oklahoma, and claims Blackfoot heritage, is here at the RNC promoting the Gospel, and has 10 grandchildren who bought him his hat and he claims proudly are all smarter than him, which he thanks the Creator for. He is proud to be Native American and feels badly there are no tribes in this state, but everyone knows the Native people are still here, in Cleveland and all around the area still. No question to Jim who the true Americans are, even today.

An artist from California is here with an annualized display of recent American political themes. She says the first order of business is to apologize to Native Americans if America has any chance to save itself. Powerful message of inclusion and recent American history.

A homeless man turns and crushes a can for recycling as a contingent of Michigan State Police lay ahead of him, near Progressive Field, directly outside the RNC Red Zone

Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on the first day of RNC

Adult film star publicity via former 2012 presidential contender Hetman Cains tour bus

No protesters in sight at around 3:15 p.m. on day one of the RNC at the bridge behind quicken loans arena. They were expected between 2:30 and 3 p.m.

A religious speaker with loudspeaker system attracts a a crowd at 4 p.m. in the Cleveland Public Square.

Single snow plow blocking road image, near the Erie St. Cemetery off Ninth Street main strip.

About 40 protesters gathered at Public Square on the first day.  As a crowd moved around them.

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Funny captions guys! You do know that shell-less tipi is for beans & such to grow up and homeless dude is a recycle & refund specialist (as an old dude myself, i do this in new mexico but the Maloof Bros run the Bud/Coke distribution in-state & pay legislators to deny citizens this xtra income), and Sam Bee is a funny gal on Comedy Channel not a porn star, check her take on NRC - - she talks to the Cleve.Police Union Head Dick same guy who says Obama has blood on his hands & blames 12 yr old Tamir Rice for own death & says Sam Bee would be a good undercover hooker, he has xcellnt priorties&judgmnt) ... funny stuff but you knew, right?