Courtesy Cherokee Nation/YouTube
Cherokee Elder Ella Christie tells viewers about homemade games, walking three miles to school, and penny candy.

Video: Cherokee Elder Talks Penny Candy and Homemade Games


Cherokee Elder Ella Christie talks about walking the three miles to school no matter what the weather, “we still walked,” she says in the video.

She was one of 12 kids, and she and her siblings found ways to entertain themselves with homemade toys made by her father. They would also play in the creek by their house.

When they would take trips to the store, she would look forward to a bottle of pop or some candy. “You know back then, that candy was just a nickel or a penny and we’d get a little bitty sack… we’d just about fill them for just about 20 cents,” she says in the video.

Watch the video below to hear more of Elder Ella Christie’s stories:

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