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‘There Was No Point for Him to Shoot’: Video Released of Loreal Tsingine’s Death

Kim Baca

A recently released body camera video of a 27-year-old Navajo woman who was shot five times after allegedly being involved in a shoplifting incident in Winslow, Arizona, shows the altercation between the police officer and Loreal Tsingine. Tsingine died, while the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing earlier this week.

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No audio was available in first seconds but the video portion shows how the officer aggressively pushes Tsingine to the ground. A pair of scissors is seen in her hand as another officer is seen behind her. The officer pushes her again and something falls out of her pocket, which looks like medication. She gets up and walks toward the officer with the pair of scissors in her hand as he lifts his gun and aims directly at her. The video then fades to black and the audio kicks in. After the sound of heavy, labored breathing the officer says, “She came at me with those scissors.”

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“I don’t care if she stole $1,000 worth of merchandise or whether she was brandishing a knife or scissors. In the larger historical context, I see this as a violation of an Indigenous woman and her space was violated,” said Brandon Benallie of the Border Town Justice Coalition of the video. “She responded appropriately. In this larger historical context, she acted bravely. She dared to defend her body.”

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Benallie also questioned why the other officer did not get involved. “There was no point for him to shoot. This other cop could have taken her down. (Officer) Shipley chooses to murder her rather than create a situation where Loreal would be alive today.”

Benallie, the family of Tsingine and other members of the Border Town Justice Coalition will line the streets of this small town near the Navajo Nation today in efforts they say will hold the city’s police department accountable for crimes towards Indigenous people after Officer Austin Shipley shot Tsingine on Easter.

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“Join us and make sure the Winslow Police Department and the City of Winslow, a bordertown settlement, are held accountable for their inhuman crimes towards Indigenous people and other people of color,” read a Coalition news release.

The group is protesting a recent decision by an independent ruling by the Maricopa County Attorney’s office, which stated that no criminal wrongdoing occurred. The Winslow Police Department requested an independent investigation into the incident by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which turned over its report to Maricopa County at the request of Navajo County Attorney’s office.

Calls to the Winslow Police Department were referred to the city’s attorney, Ellen Van Riper, who said she could not comment because of pending litigation. She said a full report of Arizona Department of Public Safety’s findings will be released next week.

Shipley, 26, a three-year veteran of the Winslow Police Department, has been on paid leave since the March 27 incident.

Watch the graphic footage below:

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WinterWindTeacher's picture
Submitted by WinterWindTeacher on
It is clear to see that the officer grab the woman by the back of her coat and threw her around more than once, the last time she lost her balance and feel to the ground while medication flew out of her pockets. The woman was obviously naturally upset, that isn’t a way to treat a person. If she was a suspect in shoplifting in would be more appropriate had the officer asked her for identification, told her he was placing her under arrest and the reason for her arrest, given her the rights so she could be informed and then taken to the police station where a female officer could do a search and pat procedure to see if she had a weapon or contraband of any kind and the stolen merchandise that she is supposed to have reportedly stolen. The officer shows poor training and not following any standard procedure for stopping a suspect for questioning or arresting. The woman did not come at the officer with any scissors aimed at him, even had she had them in her hand. The officer could have told her to halt and drop what ever weapon she is supposedly carrying, he did not do any of these things. That she did not have a gun, if he truly feared for his safety and the woman refused to halt and or throw the scissors down – he could have shot at her hand if indeed he felt threatened. To put five bullets into her chest the officer had to know that it would undoubtedly kill her. His decision to take this action showed poor training and poor judgement. The officer used excessive and deadly force where it was not warranted. This officer is not safe to be working with the public because he lacks the skills of discernment and ability to comprehend public relations and how to react and treat a suspect. His grabbing the woman by the back of her jacket and using aggressive force seems that his intent was to force a confrontation of just the sort he received. He was pushing her around and this would be against training procedures and protocols. The officer totally mishandled the whole stop and question and charge and arrest. He chose instead to provoke a disrespectful aggressive show of force which seems to have more to do with his personal problems or perceptions and very little to do with a police officers duties to fulfill proper questioning or detaining and arresting on suspicion of illegal activity. He never got so far as to let the woman know what her rights were. An officer who conducts himself in this way, ignoring training procedures is not fit for the office of working in public and should never be allowed to carry a weapon nor work in the field of public policing. Because of his ineptitude to know how to carry out his responsibilities – he shamefully murdered an otherwise innocent woman. Shoplifting is hardly charged as a serious and dangerous criminal activity, it is more of a misdemeanor – the similarity of smoking pot in public or drinking beer from an open container or peeing in a public place exposing oneself. I think of Freddy Gray’s case; several officers grab him and manhandled him in which he was already in severe pain before they put him into the police van. He was accused of having some pocket knife, not an illegal item to have on his person. The officers had no just cause to stop him but chose to anyway. Within a short period of time Freddy had to be taken to the emergency department of a nearby hospital with all these wounds sustained to his body. He did not live long and the district attorney could not find any credible evidence to charge the officers involved is pure crap. There is not something the government could not do. The government could do the right thing – state by state and district by district – put a citizens review commission in charge of hiring and firing of officers. The citizens commission could interview applicants until they could find a replacement who could best fulfill the qualifications and meet standards of the people whom they are supposed to be protecting

Kvin Mueller's picture
Kvin Mueller
Submitted by Kvin Mueller on
I am sad to see that she was shot after committing armed robbery in the store. I looked online and found she is a repeating offender for theft, and has assault on a peace officer and tried to take his gun. So saddening that her family never stepped up to the plate to say anything to her and to get her some help. I found her criminal record on the web page. Why are we making her a martyr for her criminal activity instead of addressing the problems of the drugs and alcohol our people are facing. I drive through the Winslow and Holbrook communities and see our people drunk and passed out in alleyways and parking lots. When I get gas in Holbrook I have our people asking me for money for liquor and if I would buy it for them because they are already drunk and no one will sell it to them. We need to get our chapter houses and our tribal leaders together to defeat the drugs and alcohol both on and off the reservation. The drugs and alcohol are killing our people.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Two observations: So i am told and come to understand, when you aim a pistol (Officer or not (civilian)), you shoot to kill. You don’t shoot to wound (like in the movies). You aim, pull trigger, and kill the attacker. The Officer was being attacked – and to possess and brandish a knife (scissor) makes you even more of a threat. Split second decisions it appears are a necessity in being a Police Officer/Public Safety. If its any consulation, two San Diego Police Officers were killed a few days ago. Of course, there is Dallas and there is Baton Rogue, LA. Until the Officer determines your not a threat, i would not be challenging an Officer or anybody with a weapon as a pistol, revolver, gun.

tedf's picture
Submitted by tedf on
winter wind its pretty obvious you have never been a peace officer so why do you pretend to know anything about what happened here. winslow has been under attack since this happened . the result is people are sick of being called racists and i personaly dont care if anyone from the rez comes to winslow anymore . theyre the biggest bunch of whiners and complainers ive ever seen in my life. people posting in chats that dont even live here pretending like you to be an expert . if you had ever had any peace officer traini8ng you would know they are trained to shoot to kill at center mass thats what shipley did that day he was a perfect cop following all rules to a t . personally i feel at some point theres gonna be rioting or residents being harrassed these people claim to have ties with the thugs of black lives matter nothing but a bunch of thugs. big deal the border just coalition is nothing but a bunch of troublemakers. let the doj they will see winslow did everything right in this matter

tedf's picture
Submitted by tedf on
winter wind youre the perfect monday morning quarterback. you sound just like the crazy bunch that posts on facebook and dont even live here in winslow . i think youre a member of border justice coalition . a notice for you dont go messing with the citizens. we are not happy being called racists and have the right to defend ourselves if need be. mysef. i am ready and on high alert for some crazy person that comes to extract vengance of the people of winslow