Courtesy Cherokee Nation/YouTube
Born on Valentine’s Day, Cherokee Elder Valentino “Tino” Burnett used to ride horses and loved taking the school bus.

Video: Cherokee Elder Talks Cattle and Riding the School Bus


Born on Valentine’s Day, Cherokee Elder Valentino “Tino” Burnett tells viewers how cattle used to roam free back then.

“In those days there weren’t any fences, and it was called free range country, you could run your cattle out, and we did. We just turned them loose,” he explained in the video. They would round them up and bring them back when it was time to milk them.

He attended a school that was named after his Grandfather Walker, Walker School. While he started out walking there and back, by the third or fourth grade he was taking the school bus.

“That was really one of the highlights of my school days was riding the bus. I always wanted to get on the bus, I loved the bus because that’s where I had all the friends,” he says in the video.

They would sell berries at the local store, make their own ice cream and make sleds.

“We gathered a lot of food in those days and mom would take them and can them,” he says in the video. “We had plenty to eat. Of course, we didn’t have everything we wanted, but so what, we had everything we needed.”

Hear more of Cherokee Elder Valentino “Tino” Burnett’s stories in the video below:

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