Wonder Woman and Native American
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Wonder Woman and the mystery Native American superhero played by Eugene Brave Rock.

Mystery Native Superhero in DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is Eugene Brave Rock

Vincent Schilling

He performed stunts in Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee, he trained stunt actors for The Revenant, he is the most-killed character in AMC’s Hell on Wheels and now, stuntman turned actor Eugene Brave Rock is the mysterious Native American hero in the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman movie to be released in 2017.

But who will he be playing? Sadly, we still don’t know because Brave Rock isn’t allowed to tell us...at least not yet.

Who will Eugene Brave Rock be playing in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie? He can't tell us yet...  IMDB Photo

Back in March, ICTMN revealed a key moment in the Batman vs. Superman movie in which Bruce Wayne sees a photograph on his computer with Wonder Woman standing next to a mysterious Native American man (and three other soldiers) in an image from World War I. (See :57 seconds into below video) 

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To date, there is little to no information online about the character. We can only speculate that he might be one of the the characters either Apache Chief or Lone Shadow which has appeared in Justice League comics and cartoons.

Wonder Woman and Apache Chief - Super friends, Justice League Cartoon Screen Capture

Eugene Brave Rock spoke with ICTMN, and shared one bit of information.

“I am only allowed to say I was in London for five months filming the Wonder Woman movie. That is all I am allowed to say,” said Brave Rock.

He does add, “It was an amazing experience.”

That’s it. No spoilers, no character name, no insider news … that’s all Eugene Brave Rock could tell us. He says everything about his part is top secret.

“When I was auditioning, they didn’t even tell me it was for Wonder Woman.”  

Brave Rock did say that director Patty Jenkins -- the first female director of a major DC franchise movie -- and DC Comics were extremely respectful of Brave Rock’s Native heritage.

“DC really let me have a voice. Usually movies have a lot of do’s and dont’s and they tell you you have to do things a certain way, but in this case, even with wardrobe, it was awesome. In the end, they let me decide a lot about my character. Previously, movies have even told me how I had to braid my hair, and you don’t have a choice - but this was not the case.”

He is also proud of his work on The Revenant -- "my brother Tim Bruised Head and I set up a boot camp and we trained 20 stunt people" -- and AMC’s Hell on Wheels, explaining that, “I am the stuntman who has died the most. The favorite way I ever died was I got blown up,” says Brave Rock with a laugh. 

Wonder Woman and Native American - other soldiers WWI Photo - Screen Capture YouTube

Fans of the DC franchise movies can find out more about Brave Rock’s performance in Wonder Woman when it hits theaters next year, on June 23, 2017.

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