Eight months into 2016, 13 Native Americans have been killed by police. In contrast, 10 were killed in all of 2016. Fatal police shootings of Native Americans is on track to double by the end of this year.

Number of Native Americans Killed By Police Could Double By End of 2016

Sheena Louise Roetman

The number of Native Americans killed by police is on track to double this year, according to a report from The Guardian.

So far this year, 13 Native Americans have been killed in officer-involved incidents, while “fatal police shootings of black, white, Hispanic and Asian Americans have all gone down slightly or remained roughly the same from 2015 into 2016,” according to The Guardian based on data from its catalog of police shootings, The Counted.


Per capita, Native Americans are killed by police at a higher rate than any other group in the United States. In 2015, 10 Natives were killed by officers. While that number may initially seem low, Natives account for only 1- to 2-percent of the entire U.S. population, making that seemingly small number rather significant.

The report comes days after body-cam footage was released of the latest fatal police killing of a Native American – Loreal Tsingine in Winslow, Arizona. The Arizona Daily Sun obtained footage from the Winslow police department.

Tsingine, 27, was suspected of shoplifting on March 27. The footage shows Tsingine being restrained and thrown to the ground by officer Austin Shipley. After getting back on her feet and turning around, Shipley pulls a gun. The footage released by the Arizona Daily Sun does not show the actual shooting.

The shooting was ruled justified by Maricopa County, but the Justice Department announced last week that it will investigate on grounds of racial bias,  The Guardian reported.

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