Santa Fe Indigenous Fine Art Market
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The Santa Fe Indigenous Fine Art Market / IFAM starts Thursday August 18

Third Time’s a Charm for Santa Fe Indigenous Fine Art Market August 18-19-20

Alex Jacobs

“Native Art is the Voice of Native People,” has been the motto of the Indigenous Fine Art Market (IFAM) 2016 and Douglas Miles, San Carlos Apache artist and founder of Apache Skateboards, has taken on an organizational role.

IFAM starts Thursday August 18 at 10:00 AM and includes a kickoff party, the Glow V2.0 inside the Farmer’s Market Pavilion (1607 Paseo de Peralta) from 6:00 PM to 12 midnight. The Glow Party is in the Railyard north of the Park where most the Market is held. IFAM ends Saturday August 20, the only day it goes head to head with well-established traditional Santa Fe Indian Market (operated by the Southwest Association of Indian Art) which runs August 20-21 a few blocks away on the Santa Fe Plaza.

This year is the third incarnation of the youthful and eloquently acronym-ed Indigenous Fine Art Market, which is Native-owned, includes work by contemporary visual artists and encompasses performance and music as well. 

Always a busy man, ICTMN caught up to Douglas Miles in San Carlos, Arizona, and asked him about his participation in IFAM.

Always a busy man, ICTMN caught up to Douglas Miles in San Carlos, Arizona, and asked him about his participation in IFAM.

Can you tell us why you've taken a leadership role in IFAM this year?

Miles: When I first started to travel to Santa Fe from San Carlos AZ, there were few Apache/O’odham artists then. Santa Fe was an imposing place because of its art town reputation. I’ve learned a lot in 25 years of showing and selling art there and elsewhere. In creating my own brand, “Apache Skateboards”, I found I could mentor artists and support new art forms.

I support Native Art/Artists simply because “Native Art Is the Voice of Native People” and it’s where I come from. I am Native Art. You ARE Native Art. I like finding new ways to help others in their careers. IFAM is perfect because it allows artists affordable and supportive access to a market of potential collectors they otherwise would have to wait years to meet. At this stage in my career I want to help build the Indigenous Fine Art Movement. So when John Torres Nez asked me to assist IFAM with duties I said “sure”.

Can we expect anything different at IFAM this year?

Miles: IFAM always has something different because IFAM artists have grown professionally, creatively and aesthetically throughout the year. We’ll have “Neoglyphix”, the only all Native aerosol live paint art collective doing a paint demo. We’ll also have “Homegirls Records” an all-female DJ collective spinning at the IFAM Kick-Off Party. Of course we’ll have over 250 Native artists from over 25 states to show new mixed media, paintings, sculpture, jewelry and art.

New events like Rezilience in Albuquerque, represent a melding of arts and activities in a new style social gathering. Is this what you envision the future to be for these new generation events?

Miles: IFAM and other events are creating new spaces for expression because people into art will always create something new. The old spaces were great but it’s not 1972, ‘82 or ‘92. Native people can absorb influence into their own lives and cultures and not miss a beat. Native Art may have been more political in past decades but Native culture and Native Art goes where it wants.

About IFAM

Arizona-based Neoglyphix -- a crew of Native street artists -- will create a mural on three sides of Warehouse 21 Youth Center right in front of the IFAM area.

Bands to perform include The Miracle Dolls, S.O.L., The Discotays, and the all-female Homegirls Records DJ Collective.

Robert Tenorio, Rebecca T. Begay, Darryl D. Begay, Robert Dale Tsosie, Felicia Gabaldon, Jack Sabon, Griselda Saufkie, Tonya June Rafael, Kevin Honyouti, Jon DeCelles are among confirmed artists.


Vanessa Bowen is a DJ with Homegirls Records Collective, she is also owner of Bowen Creative who produced the viral sensation, “Make America Native Again” hat and other products.There will also be skateboarding demonstrations, installations, performance art, and literary booths.

The Market opens at 10:00 AM and artists may close at 5:00 PM, there will be performances on the stage in the Railyard Park, so artists may stay in their booths until 8 or 9 PM depending on available light or weather. IFAM is still seeking sponsors.

If you cannot make the Market, IFAM sells art from its artists on their website. For more information and to donate, please visit or or call 505-819-3695.


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