Racism: Part Of the Canadian Government

Carly McIntosh

For many years in Canada Indigenous people have been fighting for human rights and the Government never seems to provide it. Every year is a battle with the Canadian Government on keeping cold cases open in the effort to finding our missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

The Government of Canada was to improve trust with indigenous people but it seems that contract has already been changed. At the Legislature Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Government of Canada have been secretly speaking on changing the agreement with indigenous people in Canada. The Canadian Government wants to change two of the agreements that they have made with the indigenous. The changes in the agreement are 1) to not reopen all the cold cases on missing and murdered indigenous women, 2) and making it so that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and government will not be held accountable for their lack of actions.

On July 29, once the word got out that indigenous people were gathering in front of the Legislature Building in Winnipeg, it had spread all across Canada. Indigenous gathered in front of the Parliament Building in Ottawa, Legislative Building of Yukon, Parliament Building of Quebec, almost all of our Canadian Government Buildings across Canada.

At the Legislature Building in Winnipeg, numbers of indigenous protesters have grown. As the sun set, a vigil took place for the high number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada. If the Government of Canada would betray the indigenous people and not reopen all the cold cases on missing and murdered indigenous women, a massive number in indigenous families will be filled with sorrow.

It seems as if our Canadian Government is taking their sweet time and the Terms of Reference seem to favour the government. 

When a white child is missing, the Government of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police do not stop till they find the child. Amber Alerts go out every hour, Canadian news channels keep the breaking news live,  and everything that can be of any help is done at that moment in time. The last Amber Alert we had in Canada took the Royal Canadian Mounted Police close to four days to solve. When a child of indigenous relation has gone missing the Canadian Government do not have a place in their heart where they care at all. Zero Amber Alerts go out, nothing is spoken of on the Canadian news channels, no watch alerts get placed in the local newspapers. Nothing at all is done when an indigenous child has gone missing and that is the way it has been for multiple years.

As the numbers keep increasing in indigenous going missing, murdered, serious accidents, extreme sickness, and young ones committing suicide; the lessening in numbers would mean the Canadian Government have less to worry about indigenous people on the land they claim as Canada.

With what the Government of Canada has done to the indigenous through the past and to the present, they should be feeling sick to their stomach. If indigenous people flipped positions with the Government of Canada for even just one week, the Canadian Government would be crawling on their knees begging for forgiveness.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now residing in Calgary, Alberta. McIntosh recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.


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