Native Youth Dakota Pipeline Protest - Sunset - Photo By Alex Hamer
Alex Hamer
Contemplating the sunset after a day spent on the prairie, where thousands of people are camped out near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to protest the potential crossing of the Dakota Access oil pipeline under the Missouri River.

Dakota Access: A Typical Day in Camp, in Pictures [14 Photos]

Alex Hamer

Editor’s note: Since August 10, people have been pouring into three prayer camps along the Missouri River to protect the waters from the Dakota Access oil pipeline, whose builders would run the pipeline underneath it. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has spearheaded the fight against the pipeline because it would pass within a half mile of their reservation as it cuts across sacred grounds that are ostensibly protected by treaty. Indian Country Today Media Network contributor Alex Hamer spent some time with the water protectors, who now number in the thousands, and compiled this look at a typical day in the life.

Rez dogs need water too. Security taking a moment to capture the sunrise over the camp. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Flags from many nations line the fence outside the Dakota Access pipeline construction site. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Nez Perce tribal members show their solidarity. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Water protectors listen to Dallas Goldtooth, the Keep it in the Ground organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network and a member of the comedy troupe the 1491s. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Lorna Hanes, sister to Winona LaDuke, watches a helicopter circling overhead. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

A member of the Haudenosaunee delegation explains the Confederacy’s water blessing. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Onkwehone, Real People, stand along the river in support of clean water for all people. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Horses and their riders receive an escort to the water to see the paddlers off. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Horses lined the shore as canoers paddled out to express opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Musician Nataanii Means turned down an offer for a paying show to stand with his people. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills addresses camp on how the past ties into the challenges today. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

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Native rappers Lil Mike and Funny Bone were on hand to lend to support to the cause. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

Shailene Woodley, star of the movie series Divergent, has been supporting Native youth runners and has spent weeks with the water protectors on the prairie. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

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Native youth contemplating the future at sunset in a powerful place. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

A rising full moon illuminates the camps. (Photo: Alex Hamer)

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