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Puyallup Tribe Buys Public Golf Course on its Reservation


The economic arm of the Puyallup Tribe of Washington has purchased an 18-hole, 55-year-old public golf course that sits in the northwestern side of its reservation.

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Marine View Ventures, the tribal company, has acquired the North Shore Golf Course for an unknown amount that will be released when the property officially exchanges ownership after September 9, reported the Tacoma News-Tribune. The course will remain public after the purchase.

Current staff at the course based Northeast Tacoma expressed excitement about upgrades that may come with the influx of money from the tribe. "It’s a great course. It’s just a little long in the tooth, and it needs some refurbishment and some capital infusion," David Wetli, general manager and head golf professional, told the publication. "So we’re pretty stoked out here."

"The opportunity to re-acquire a parcel of land of this magnitude on the Puyallup Reservation doesn’t present itself often, so we are thrilled to add the North Shore Golf Course to our real estate holdings," Chairman Bill Sterud said in a statement.

A Seattle-based company, Columbia Hospitality, will oversee daily operations of the golf course, and professional golfer Ryan Moore's golf company be an adviser, CEO Michael Moore told the Tacoma News-Tribune.


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