Courtesy Red Warrior Camp
Water protectors reported a violent encounter between Dakota Access LLC security guards, who allegedly used attack dogs and pepper spray against them.

Dogs, Pepper Spray and Guards: Water Protectors Report Violent Encounter


A group of nearly 100 people crossed onto private land to stop bulldozers that were clearing land for the Dakota Access pipeline on September 1. 

Construction was shut down for the day on Saturday as private security guards from Dakota Access LLC arrived with barking guard dogs to push back the crowd of water protectors, including women, children and horses. It was reported that company security guards used pepper spray in addition to canine units.

In a statement released in a live-stream on Facebook, Red Warrior Camp leaders said that at about 3pm on Saturday September 3, “water protectors successfully stopped pipeline construction as it reached Hwy. 1806 through nonviolent direct action and mass assembly.”

As they did so, private security guards working for Dakota Access LLC “deployed vicious attack dogs, pepper spray and physical assault against the water protectors,” Red Warrior said. “According to the most recent update, six water protectors were bitten by dogs, a dozen or more pepper sprayed, while others were physically assaulted, including women. A helicopter was photographed flying over the area.

Dakota Access pipeline security personnel used dogs to try and stop the water protectors in an action that was streamed live on Facebook. (Photo: Courtesy Red Warrior Camp)

“Red Warrior Camp was nonviolent and unarmed throughout this action,” they said in a statement. “We will remain nonviolent and unarmed. We ask supporters to do so as well.”

Video streamed live over Facebook showed Dakota Access LLC–employed security guards handling lungeing dogs.

They also asked supporters to take note of the fact that Dakota Access’s parent company, Energy Transfer Crude Oil Co. LLC, “feels justified in using this level of force against unarmed and nonviolent water protectors and the state officers that are sworn to protect the people allowed it.”

Red Warrior put out an all-call for “ALL water warriors around the world to come stand with us, inviting supporters to join us in prayer” during two Weeks of Global Solidarity Actions between September 3 and 17.

This is a developing story; ICTMN will post updates as they become available.

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