Courtesy Matika Wilbur/via YouTube
Water protectors approach the construction site of the Dakota Access pipeline, where they were pepper-sprayed by private security guards handling dogs.

Dakota Access: Photographer Matika Wilbur Captures Video of Pepper-Sprayed Water Protectors


On Saturday September 3, water protectors from the Red Warrior Camp near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation went to a construction site for the Dakota Access oil pipeline. There, they said, they were confronted by guard dogs and pepper spray, wielded by private security guards employed by Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline builder’s parent company.

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Photographer Matika Wilbur, of Project 562 fame, was at the scene and compiled this video of some of the events of that afternoon.

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Larry Copeland
Submitted by Larry Copeland on
Living in Ohio and being disabled, I cannot do much except voice my solidarity with the protest. It is a crime what is being allowed to happen against those peacefully gathered.

Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
And the defenders of this behavior will say, "What did you expect for trespassing and disrupting work?" Too many idiots will buy into this argument and defend the behavior that turned Bull Connor into a hated man a few decades ago.