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Jackson Browne has stood in solidarity with Native peoples protecting their lands, water and lifeways for more than 37 years. Thank you, Jackson, for supporting the resistance at Standing Rock.

Singer Songwriter Jackson Browne Makes Statement Regarding The Dakota Access Pipeline


Editor's note:  Jackson Browne has stood in solidarity with Native peoples protecting their lands, water and lifeways for more than 37 years. His work to support Native-led efforts to protect the Earth began in 1979 when he came to the Black Hills and Four Corners area to help stop uranium mining. Through the decades, he has lent his voice, his talent, his time and his fame to raise awareness and funds for Native communities working for a safe and healthy future for us all. Thank you, Jackson, for continuing your stand and for supporting the resistance at Standing Rock.

“I met Kelcy Warren on one occasion, when I played at the Cherokee Creek Music Festival, held at his ranch. Later his company, Music Road Records, produced an album of my songs. Though I was honored by the “tribute” and think highly of the versions - which were done by some of my favorite singers and songwriters, I had nothing to do with producing the recordings or deciding who would be on it.

I do not support the Dakota Access Pipeline.  I will be donating all of the money I have received from this album to date, and any money received in the future, to the tribes who are opposing the pipeline.  

I did not know anything about Kelcy Warren’s other business as the production of this album went forward. Although as a music publisher there is no legal way to deny permission to a record company to cover a song that has been previously published, I could have dissuaded the artists from appearing on this record had I known. I routinely vet the companies who ask me to perform for them. I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray. The list of companies I have denied the use of my music is long. I certainly would not have allowed my songs to be recorded by a record company whose owner's other business does what Energy Transfer Partners is allegedly doing - threatening the water supply and the sacred sites of indigenous people.

I intend to support public resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline as much as I can.

To quote a song of mine:

“Which side?

 – the corporations attacking the natural world, drilling and fracking, who do it with the backing of the craven and corrupt?

- Or the ones who fight for the earth with all their might, and in the name of all that's right,

Confront and disrupt?”


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faireyland.Ten-Brook's picture
Submitted by faireyland.Ten-Brook on
Thank you Jackson Browne for your help and support. You continue following the spirit you and so many others like you endowed us with in the 60's....the Peace, Love and Understanding you show surrounds us all like a Good Chief's Blanket. Well done. Paula Good

James Israel
James Israel
Submitted by James Israel on
Jackson Browne is a great, great artist and humanitarian. In solidarity with the Native Americans involved in this effort, I'd like to humbly offer a song of mine: Wake Up (from the American Dream)!

David Kahl's picture
David Kahl
Submitted by David Kahl on
It is hard enough to keep track with every detail of one's life, let alone to have to deal with others invading your space. Whether it is a piece of land or your person, it is sacred and there is a much diminished honor and respect for people and peoples of this world. May your success from their "investment" in you deliver the nails to drive their corporate coffin shut.

ZeePete's picture
Submitted by ZeePete on
Truly an unfortunate article. As art director for the record Jackson refers to, I find it very hard to believe he didn't understand the nature of Kelcy's "other" business. Politics aside, even the least informed among us acknowledge and appreciate where the generous funding came from for such a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to Mr. Browne.

ShastinaFree's picture
Submitted by ShastinaFree on
THANK YOU Jackson Browne, for your dedication to this Life we all share! This situation at Standing Rock (and Dakota Access Pipeline) is about US ALL, Our Water, Our Rights, Our Life! ~ Wishing You All Goodness, Shastina Free (at, Graceful Spontaneous Evolution)