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Bulldozers on Saturday September 3, as filmed by Democracy Now! Anchor Amy Goodman was on the scene at the construction site on Saturday September 3 when Dakota Access private security guards brought in attack dogs and pepper spray.

Watch: Democracy Now! Bears Witness to Dog and Pepper Spray Attack on Protectors


Democracy Now! has been covering the Standing Rock Sioux standoff almost since its inception. Over the weekend anchor Amy Goodman was out at the construction site when water protectors trying to stop the bulldozing of sacred sites were attached with pepper spray and pit bulls.

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In her report below, Goodman gives a blow-by-blow description of the events as they unfold and calls out one of the dog handlers on the fact that the dog has blood in its mouth. Though she doesn’t get a straight answer, she does film the blood, the dog and the handler evading the question. That and much more. Watch it below.

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