Foxwoods Licenses VizExplorer to Consolidate Business Performance Data


Foxwoods has entered a five-year agreement with VizExplorer, which lets businesses analyze live, fast-changing data and take immediate action through a single toolset.

The casino, owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, has licensed the VizExplorer's entire suite of operational intelligence solutions for the gaming industry.

Through VizExplorer, Foxwoods will have centralized access to consolidated data from across their gaming and non-gaming divisions. The take-away? Tighter financial management and enhanced reporting on business performance.

Among the features Foxwoods will employ is floorViz, the company's slot floor optimization solution, which evaluates slot machine performance as well as player preference data.

Foxwoods will use campaignViz to increase its marketing campaign performance and simplify management. Additional products include hostViz for player development, greetViz for guest service automation, and techViz for dispatch and service management.

"Our team at Foxwoods Resort Casino is excited to deploy the current software suite, access comprehensive support and training services, and leverage upcoming data driven results and technology from the industry leaders at VizExplorer," said Foxwoods Vice President of Strategic Marketing Amy Diette.

"With VizExplorer, we gain greater transparency into our operations spanning the gaming and non-gaming businesses, and these data-driven insights will lead to better decision-making," said Foxwoods President and CEO Felix Rappaport. "VizExplorer’s deep expertise and track record coupled with their solutions for all parts of our business made them the ideal technology partner," he added.

"This new Enterprise License Agreement is a vote of confidence in our team’s ability to deliver relevant solutions today and in the future. We are committed to implementing as many products as soon as possible and we look forward to a technology partnership that aims to optimize Foxwoods’ revenue," said Jeffrey Hoss, VizExplorer’s Vice President of Business Development.

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