Winona LaDuke - Indigo Girls Photo: Vincent Schilling
Vincent Schilling
The Indigo Girls, who are long-time supporters of Winona LaDuke and her Honor the Earth organization, say they will never play at the Cherokee Creek Music Festival again after learning it is owned and operated by Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer Partners.

NoDAPL Boycott: Indigo Girls Won’t Play Cherokee Creek Music Fest Again

Vincent Schilling

Since discovering that Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners - the company linked to the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline – is the owner and operator of The Cherokee Creek Music Festival, the Indigo Girls have announced they will never perform there again.

Per a post on their Facebook page, the Indigo Girls played at the music festival twice, and performed on an album affiliated with Music Road Records, another company owned by Warren.

This was a terrible oversight on our part, as we did not make the connection between Mr. Warren and the destructive company he runs. We will not play the festival again, and our attention has been and will continue to focus on fully supporting the effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Indigo Girls stand with Standing Rock, the Standing Rock Sioux, their friends and allies in protecting their sacred land and water by stopping the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and all pipelines that carry dirty oil and threaten massive ecosystems.

We appeal to Mr. Warren to listen to the Native voices. We also encourage fellow musicians that have played the Cherokee Creek Music Festival to join us in our appeal to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Our unwavering support of Native peoples in their struggles for environmental justice has been steadfast for decades. In 1993 we co-founded Honor the Earth with Winona LaDuke with the goal of creating awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. We will continue to proudly support this work. For more information, please follow Honor the Earth, at and on social media.

The Indigo Girls are not the only musicians taking a NoDAPL stand. Several musicians with ties to Warren’s Austin-based Music Road Records label are now speaking out. One of the label’s co-founders, Jimmy LaFave a popular Austin singer-songwriter said on his Facebook page, “I have known Kelcy Warren for over 20 years. He is a Republican and I am a yellow dog Democrat. We disagree on the pipeline.”

Screen capture - Indigo Girls Facebook page with longtime friend Winona LaDuke.

In addition to the Indigo Girls decision and stance against ETP, Singer Songwriter Jackson Browne made a statement of support regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline and in opposition to the Cherokee Creek Music Festival as well as to the Music Road Records label.

“I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray,” said Browne.

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The Indigo Girls have long supported the efforts of Indigenous peoples and have appeared at a multitude of events in support of Winona LaDuke’s organization Honor the Earth.

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