Adam Beach is one of many actors and notables taking a stance on NoDAPL.
Twitter Screen Capture / Kimama Bishop
Adam Beach is one of many actors and notables taking a stance on NoDAPL.

NoDAPL Social Media Explosion: Celebrities, Musicians and Politicians Worldwide

Vincent Schilling

Efforts to stop the North Dakota access pipeline are increasing at a notable pace since the appearance of Shailene Woodley, Susan Sarandon and Riley Keough in Washington D.C. last Wednesday. Their show of solidarity was followed by a lengthy statement of support from celebrated musician Jackson Browne, as well as a YouTube statement of the cast of the Justice League (including Jason Momoa), and the support of internationally-known celebrities, musicians and politicians toward the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

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In addition to the celebrities listed above, a slew of others have issued public statements and/or shared their support and recognition of #NoDAPL on social media.

The list of notables includes Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, comedian Chris Rock, former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, actress and activist Daryl Hannah, Saulteaux actor Adam Beach, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, actor Mark Ruffalo, musical artist Pharrell Williams, Ojibwe/Dine’ actress Tinsel Korey, Native hip hop artist Nataanii Means and the Indigo Girls.

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Here are a plethora of social media posts from notables supporting #NoDAPL.

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turbojesus's picture
Submitted by turbojesus on
Celebrities the world's moral compass with prostitutes, drugs, hundreds of millions thrown away on cars, houses, fancy junk. Native Americans are issuing a public statement on the homeless, unemployment, crime in Los Angeles. There are tent cities everywhere in hollywood; they should be ashamed of themselves while they live in mansions, drive ferraris, eat 100,000 dollar a plate dinners with hillary and bill clinton.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
It's amazing to me that not a single news agency is covering this issue. If it weren't for social media no one outside the locale would know of this. This makes me very nervous - be careful out there brothers and sisters, we're being set up in case Wounded Knee III breaks out.