Gunner travels 119 miles one way to school on the Navajo Nation. This video helps shed light on this issue for many Native students.

‘Gunner’s Journey’ Video: The Long Commute to School


Getting to and from school can be a challenge for a lot of reservation kids. Gunner, 13, is a sixth grader at Black Mesa Community School on the Navajo Nation. He lives 119 miles from his school, a trip that can take up to three hours, one way. The roads are too rough for a bus to travel, so the school sends a truck to pick him up.

To highlight these conditions, Jeremy Meek created a video called “Gunner’s Journey,” which points out that Gunner’s situation is not unique. In the video, he says “77 percent of the Navajo Nation’s 14,221 mile road network is unpaved and become extremely dangerous or impassable during storms.”

Meek is a photographer and videographer in Washington, D.C., but worked as an intern for the Diné Policy Institute in 2007 and again over the summer when this video was created.

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