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Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas kicks off the Nike N7 Sport Summit with opening remarks and a live performance accompanied by DJ Marcus One.

N7 Sport Summit Featured ‘Taboo’ and Tips for Transformation

Chelsey Luger

The fourth annual Nike N7 Sport Summit took off with a bang as Black Eyed Peas band member “Taboo”—Nike’s newest N7 ambassador—hit the stage performing several of his popular hits. The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, offered remarks via a video message played for all attendees in the opening session.

The Summit this year, presented by the N7 Fund and the Native Wellness Institute, focused on bringing community leaders together to discuss how sport can be a catalyst for holistic transformation in indigenous communities.

More than 200 youth, community leaders, drummers, singers, athletes, and other influencers from many tribal nations and all corners of the globe attended and participated in the event, including Waneek Horn-Miller (Canadian Olympian in water polo); three of the Thompson Brothers (professional lacrosse players); Jude Schimmel (former D1 basketball player), Spencer O’Brien (snowboarding world champion), and more.

The Summit also celebrated the start of a new funding cycle through the N7 Fund. This year, nearly $500,000 in funding will be designated for 32 different non-profit organizations, which have demonstrated their commitments to improving health and wellness in North American tribal communities. (To see a full list of the 2016 grantees, visit

“These 32 organizations have the power to make an important difference in the lives of the kids in their communities, and we’re proud to support them through the N7 Fund. From Akwesasne, New York to the Okanagan Nation in British Columbia, Canada, these organizations are helping Native American and Aboriginal youth move to be healthier and stronger, and become role models for the next generation, and generations beyond,” said Jackie Blackbird, Program/Partnership Manager for Nike’s N7 Fund.

Since its launch in 2009, the N7 Fund has provided more than $4 million in grants to communities, schools, and non-profit organizations who share this mission.

“The N7 Summit is one of the key catalysts to allow us to continue to reach the mission of inspiring and enabling 1.5 million Native youth to participate in sports and athletics,” said Sam McCracken, general manager of Nike N7.

The N7 Fund was created in 2009 to provide grants to Native American and Aboriginal organizations providing positive experiences in sport and physical activity to Native Youth.

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