From NBC's YouTube channel: Shailene Woodley talks to Seth Meyers about how Hillary Clinton can utilize the protest against a North Dakota crude oil pipeline to mobilize millennials in support of her campaign.

VIDEO: Shailene Woodley Supports NoDAPL on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers

Vincent Schilling

In case you missed it last week, actress and activist Shailene Woodley appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday to discuss her newest movie, Snowden. During her interview and seated alongside former Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, Woodley took several minutes out to discuss how Hillary Clinton could win millennial votes by supporting Native American rights, specifically in relation to the efforts to stop the Dakota Access pipeline.

When Myers asked Woodley about millennials, she responded that because of today’s technology and the internet young people like herself are now able to hold the government and politicians accountable.

“Millennials are really savvy in that way. I think what would benefit Hillary Clinton's campaign is if she used opportunities like... the pipeline being built. Hillary has a platform that says she honors the sovereignty of Native American nations and that she wants to work with Native American nations. She also has a platform with climate change,” she said.

“This is a brilliant opportunity for her to stand up and show millennials where her stance is on this particular issue.”

Woodley also commented on her time spent in Standing Rock stating it was remarkable and one of the greatest experiences of her life. She also said that in the month and a half she spent at the camp, and contrary to rumors, “there was not an ounce of violence.”

She also lauded the solidarity of tribal nations present at Standing Rock.

“For the first time in history since before colonization, and before we colonized America, Native tribes were at war with each other many times. This is the first time that you have this many tribes gathered in one place standing together united to stand up for not only their rights but human rights and the access to clean water,” she said.

“The Department of Justice Obama's administration and the Army Corps of Engineers have stepped in and said they will temporarily halt construction, that is beautiful but that is not a win a win is when they say 'we are not moving this pipeline to some other location, to affect clean water, but we are going to stop it and next it just like we did with Keystone XL."

After gracious applause by the audience, Woodley gave “I Stand with Standing Rock” t-shirts to Meyers and Sanders.

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