Defend ICWA will protest the Goldwater Institute’s legal challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act Friday, September 23, in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Defend ICWA will protest the Goldwater Institute’s legal challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act Friday, September 23, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Group to Protest Goldwater Institute's Anti-ICWA Suit in Phoenix


On Friday, September 23, 2016, a group of Native Americans will be protesting at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, in response to that organization's legal challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Event organizers, known as Defend ICWA, say the protest will fall on the third anniversary of the surrender of Baby Veronica to her adoptive parents, a case that made global headlines after the Cherokee girl's biological father fought to maintain custody in a protracted legal battle that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. The protest is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., across the street from the Goldwater offices in Phoenix.

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In July 2015, the institute filed A.D. v. Roberts in federal court, challenging the constitutionality of the 38-year-old statute designed to protect Native children, families and communities from dissolution. The Goldwater case, as it has become known, seeks to overturn ICWA based on the contention that ICWA is “race-based.”

Defend ICWA founder Karl Minzenmayer noted that the organization's namesake, the late Senator Barry Goldwater, voted in favor of ICWA during its passage in 1978. Further, says Minzenmayer, who is a pre-ICWA adult adoptee of White Earth/Fond du Lac Ojibwe descent, A.D. v. Roberts is motivated by “greed and profiteering” in an industry that rakes in $14 billion a year.

“We're tired of seeing ICWA portrayed as 'evil' in the media,” says Minzenmayer. “We're fed up with the Goldwater Institute's lies and dissembling of a law that is, in fact, working and is helping to keep family first in Indian country. ICWA pertains to citizens of federally recognized Nations. It's a law based on citizenship – not race. We're trying to spread awareness of ICWA's critical importance to Native communities across the country.”

The case has angered many within the American Indian adult adoptee community, who believe the law should be upheld and strengthened. Their protest on Friday is one of many protests across the country as the litigation moves forward.

“What has Goldwater ever done for Indian children before they began fighting against the law that protects them? Their portrayal of themselves as 'saviors' of Indian children is same colonial mentality that has destroyed our communities for last 250 years,” says Minzenmayer. “As an adult adoptee who has had first-hand experience with the adoption industry and its tactics, we will no longer be silent as our children continue to be taken from our families and communities.”

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The portrayal of themselves as “saviors” is as old as Columbus. The Europeans demonized many humans so that they could satisfy an evil greed by taking from innocents & justifying it. We have been living under suppression of White terrorism for over 500 years. Their insatiable greed has visited many innocent peoples of the earth. They have bullied, natives of many islands and continents and it is by no means coincidence that natives of these lands suffer under these bullies with oppression, poverty, sickness, alcoholism, lack of education and in their own lands suffer the worst circumstances. These circumstances are and were methodically manipulated. Australia, New Zealand, India, Hawaii, Canada, North America, South America, Central America are just some of the lands that is suffering from White Terrorism. In the Bahamas & Caribbean Islands true natives are extinct by genocide, the only peoples left are descendants of slaves & European Terrorists. They tried to terrorize China but were beat, they tried in Japan but were beat – only cowardly, successfully terrorized innocent natives that knew nothing about their war like mentality and evil greed. This is an extremely sick mentality and has to be exposed through information, education – social media. If we do not show them their own treacherous legacy, they will continue to bring over millions more with the same mental sicknesses from their drab & dreary countries. They come over here and get jobs and things they never had and buy into arrogance that causes sick greed. They have not in the past thought about consequences and they continue to bring over millions to this land without thought to consequences They teach their children these sicknesses and they in turn adopt the arrogant behavior of oppression and terror against native people of this continent. They will continue to program and fill them with propaganda and lies so their terrorists armies of police, law-makers, teachers, policy makers, etc. can continue to bully & oppress natives as though they know what is best for other humans in their own lands. The natives of all these mentioned lands are humans of the earth and should be free from the oppressive terrorism of Whites who have all come from other countries. This society has to see the monster is really is and stop the white police killings, stop the education system from teaching white supremacy & lies. STOP the arrogance of white humanity into believing they have a right to control others. They have ruined the earth’s water, air, ozone layers, soil, they have caused to be extinct many plants, animals, tribes of people & lie about – they have a sickness that must be stopped or our universe will be as sick & not sustain our grand children.