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The “72 horas con Rodin” edit-a-thon in Mexico City was the longest ever completed and is recognized by Guinness World Records. There will be one in October focusing on Indigenous Peoples.

Wikipedia Wants Improved Content on Indigenous Peoples, Needs Your Help


Wikipedia volunteers and the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that oversees the free encyclopedia, recognize and want to close content gaps that exist in race and gender topics on the site. One of those gaps includes coverage of all things having to do with Indigenous Peoples.

The goal, as Kelly Doyle, Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity at West Virginia University Libraries, told ICTMN is to make “Wikipedia more accurate, more diverse, and to fully represent the world around us… a lot of the articles about Indigenous Peoples are short and we want those be fleshed out.”

They are looking for anything and everything having to do with Indigenous Peoples, from articles about tribes to movements, and historical figures, or even Native American political figures, past and present.

“Any issue that has to do with Indigenous people, even creating new articles, as long as they are notable enough,” Doyle told ICTMN. “Anything that would be included in a regular encyclopedia.”

The upcoming WikiConference North America 2016 will include an edit-a-thon that will focus on those content gaps. According to Wikipedia, an edit-a-thon is “an organized event where editors edit and improve a specific topic or type of content, typically including basic editing training for new editors.” The conference will be held October 7 to 10 in San Diego, California, but interested contributors don’t have to attend to volunteer or help fill those content gaps.

Mike Connolly Miskwish, of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation, will speak at the conference on October 10 at 11:30 a.m. and help facilitate the edit-a-thon. Miskwish is an adjunct faculty member of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University, and served 17 years in elected office for the Campo Kumeyaay Nation.

Anyone who wants to learn how to edit pages can check out the Wikipedia Tutorial and an online training game to get started.

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