Gary Davis addresses attendees at National RES Las Vegas.
Courtesy National Center
Gary Davis addresses attendees at National RES Las Vegas.

Moving On: Gary Davis to Lead Native American Financial Services Association


Immediately after stepping down from his nearly five-year tenture as president and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development on September 30, Gary Davis will take on the executive director position for the Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA), effective October 1.

"The appointment of Gary Davis will be transformative for our organization and the tribal communities we serve," said Otoe-Missouria Chairman John R. Shotton, NAFSA’s Chairman. "Gary has been a passionate and tireless advocate for creating new economic opportunities for Indian country and nobody has fought harder to ensure the preservation of our tribal sovereignty. We are thrilled to have him joining our NAFSA team."

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NAFSA formed in 2012, providing vital services to tribally operated lenders and promoting economic development opportunities across Indian country.

"I am excited to begin serving as the new Executive Director of NAFSA where I believe we can help create greater awareness about the financial services provided by tribally owned companies and the positive impact those companies have in tribal communities," said Davis, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. "Since its founding, NAFSA has been a catalyst to help its tribal members grow and flourish and I want to expand its portfolio to create even greater growth in the tribal financial services sector for the benefit of all of Indian country."

During his tenure at the National Center, Davis inspired Indian country with his vision and passion for economic empowerment, strengthened the National Reservation Economic Summit (RES) and launched regional RES events across the country. Davis was also instrumental in taking Indian country's economic message to international audiences to promote business partnerships.


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