What Lies Beyond Album Cover - R. Carlos Nakai Quartet - Canyon Records
Canyon Records
What Lies Beyond Album Cover - R. Carlos Nakai Quartet

Saxy Fun - R.Carlos Nakai Quartet’s ‘What Lies Beyond’

Vincent Schilling

Canyon Records has just released the latest album by the R.Carlos Nakai Quartet entitled (RCNQ) “What Lies Beyond.” Canyon says the album embraces R. Carlos Nakai's flowing flute melodies that are enhanced by saxophonist-keyboardist AmoChip Dabney and anchored by the nimble rhythms of ethno-world drummer Will Clipman and bassist Johnny Walker.

R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo-Ute) is a 11-time Grammy nominee, and has two certified Gold Records (500,000 sold) and one platinum record (1,000,000 sold). Nakai has sold over 4.25 million albums for Canyon.

What Lies Beyond Album Cover - R. Carlos Nakai Quartet - Canyon Records

On the album jacket, Nakai describes the process as “an intercultural journey, melding essences of culture, traditions and innovation.”

Clipman calls What Lies Beyond “an unlimited exploration of uncharted musical territory.” Dabney says the album is “the grooviest RCNQ production to date! You will dance!!!”  

What Lies Beyond is unlike anything I have ever done and resonates with a groove not usually associated with the Native American flute,” wrote Walker. “I hope you can hear the freedom in our music.”

Listen to samples and purchase the album on the Canyon Records website here.

I listened to the entire album myself and I have to say “What Lies Beyond” is jazzy, flutey, bassy, saxy fun.


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