N’we Janin - The Traveling Music Studio
Youth photo of the Native youth involved with N’we Janin - The Traveling Music Studio. (From left to right) Shantel Van Dyke, Leigh Neptune, Alexis Ireland, Nikoa Parsons, Julian Loring and David Hodges. (center front.)

Changing Lives With Songs - The Traveling Music Studio

Donna Loring

David Hodges is the founder of N’we Janin, (Our Home) a non-profit mobile music studio that brings a mobile recording studio into schools and community centers across First Nation communities in Canada and in the U.S.. He is also a very gifted teacher and music producer. He worked with the youth from the five Tribes in Maine, Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet.

Nikoa Parsons, Gabe Paul, Donna Loring, David Hodges and Julian Loring are among those involved with N’we Janin - The Traveling Music Studio

These youth wrote the lyrics to the songs and Hodges put the words and young voices to music.

We as Wabanaki people are amazed and proud that we have such talented youth in our communities. These songs will live on and be remembered by these kids and by the communities for years to come.

David Hodges at work mixing tunes, Barbara McGowen of seven eagles in the background involved with N’we Janin - The Traveling Music Studio

The music video “Skicin Generation” tells the story of the passing of cultural values and traditions on, and the overcoming of lifetime barriers through education and learning. It shows that our culture and traditions live on by being passed down from generation to generation.  It brings the tradition of song back into our community. It pulls us from the past and sends the message that there is always hope.

Here is the recently released Music Video “Skicin Generation”

I interviewed David Hodges and Julian Loring, the hip hop artist from the song.  Here is the link to the interview:


Below is one of my favorite comments I received on facebook reference the project. It makes it all worthwhile when you realize that people see the value in your work and the good that it is doing for the youth and the Tribal Communities.

ICTMN comment - screen capture

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