Bruises Are Left Deep Inside

Carly McIntosh

It has taken years for women to walk from the extreme violence they are being abused with from their husbands, boyfriends, and even their family members. The list of violence that women have had to live through is long, a few examples sexual harassment, rape, forced abortion, etc.

Young children who witness violence against their mother, the children can begin to believe that this is a normal life. As children see their mother crying with bruises appearing on her skin the children know something is wrong, but all they know of what to do is to comfort her and hug her.

As time goes by the children begin to grow and realize that their father is hurting their mother very badly, but they begin to fear their own father and all they can do to keep themselves safe is run and hide. When a family begins to grow through living in a violent situation everything is to be kept quite while in the public. The public do not see the damage that is hidden behind closed doors, the mother acts as if everything is fine as do the children. They are too scared to speak out.

In time a mother gathers the strength she needs to do anything to keep her children safe even if it is to run and never look back. Abuse being done to a women or a mother should never be hidden in the background of a family photo. When you see a family photo of the whole family smiling, you really don’t know the whole story that is being hidden in that photo.

On local media you can see that many women are being violently assaulted by men, and this is happening all across the world. Videos have come out where you see the women who have been hit leaving bruises on their face, which they never deserve or never meant to receive ever in their life time. When you watch these videos you can feel their pain and wish you could be there to help and comfort them.

With the women who have the strength to step up and speak of the violence that has happened to them Youtube videos are coming out left and right. Once I saw the inner power of this woman speak out that is what gave me my inner power to never let violence happen to me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d46pt5_7fEM

Women have to unbury our inner strength and believe we are never to be treated with violence or abuse. We were never put here to be hit, punched, named called, sexually assaulted, etc. For years men have had the power to make us feel that we are the ones with the problem, we have to release that and never bring it back into our mind again.

The women who have taken that first step and have left the man who was violently assaulting them, you are now the ones who have your inner strength back. Step by step your power will grow even stronger. We are all sisters and if we need each other at certain times, we should be there to support one another. We might not know each other’s names, age, where we each come from, but that does not matter, we are here to share our stories and once we share our stories we are to let them fall to the bottom of the ocean where they can never be found again.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now residing in Calgary, Alberta. McIntosh recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.

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Know what it takes to be a slave? The will to never be in a physical confrontation. Just get rid of all the people that will engage in one. And then all the peasants will be made slaves.