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Actress Shailene Woodley being led away in handcuffs after standing with the water protectors at a Dakota Access oil pipeline construction site on Monday October 10.

'We Must Honor Our Mother': Actress Shailene Woodley Arrested at DAPL


Actress Shailene Woodley has been arrested for trespassing at one of the construction sites for the Dakota Access oil pipeline, multiple reports confirm.

She was one of 28 people taken in for criminal trespassing, according to the Bismarck Tribune, which reported that more than 200 people were demonstrating at one of the construction sites outside a 20-mile buffer that the federal government had requested the company respect.

In video streamed live on Facebook, Woodley, known for her starring turn in the Divergent movie series, speaks directly into the camera during a two-hour feed chronicling her morning at the construction site near St. Anthony, North Dakota.

“Riot police are arriving. Riot police. Are arriving. At this peaceful protest, where people are praying,” she says at the beginning of a two-hour video, which ends in her arrest.

Before being pulled in, she spoke to people at the site, giving her perspective on what was happening and why she felt the need to join the water protectors. Woodley has spent much of the summer at the camps at Standing Rock, since the conflict began burgeoning with the start of construction through sacred burial grounds near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

“We’ve got to recognize that regardless of our background, regardless of our ancestry, we’re all indigenous to this Earth—whether we’re humans, whether we’re animals, whether we’re fish in the sea,” Woodley said to her interviewers. “And it’s our responsibility to honor our mother, that which has given us the oxygen, the sunlight, the moonlight—the fuel that feeds us every single day—we have to honor that, and we have to make sure that we treasure it and also protect it.”

Woodley has also been vocal as she promoted her latest project, Snowden, in which she stars with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the whistleblowing protagonist who leaked U.S. government surveillance of its citizens to the world.

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After the protectors were asked to leave by police, Woodley was stopped as she walked back to her vehicle to do so.

“To the right of that is our motor home, and to the left of that is…. What IS that?” she can be heard saying, as the camera focuses on vehicles flanking her RV. Then she is stopped by police officers blocking the way.

They just grabbed me by my jacket,” she says into the camera. “They grabbed me by my jacket, and they have giant guns and batons and zip ties, and they’re not letting me go.”

A little while later, after she unsuccessfully tries to find out why she is being detained specifically, an officer tells her, “You were identified.”

She then speaks to the camera.

“So everybody knows, we were going to my vehicle, which they had surrounded,” she said. “And waiting for me.”

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turbojesus's picture
Submitted by turbojesus on
"we must honor our mother" More like Jigsaw from the Saw movies. "I want to play a game" basically in order to survive you must critically injure yourself. Oh yeah try to do the hard labor from dawn till dusk to survive see how long before she dies from exposure.

George Noriega
George Noriega
Submitted by George Noriega on
We have to fight back as best we can. Hopefully, it will remain non-violent.