Renee Davis, 23, was pregnant when police shot and killed her in Washington, according to reports.

Number of Native Americans Killed By Police Rises — Again

Simon Moya-Smith

A pregnant Native American mother of three suffering from a psychological condition was shot and killed by police Friday, increasing the number of indigenous people killed by authorities this year.

Kings Country Sheriff's responded to the home of Renee Davis, 23, on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation in Washington on a wellness check after Davis's friend called police, KOMO News reported. Davis, who suffered from depression, had texted her friend that she was in "a bad way," Nina Shapiro of The Seattle Times reported.

Fourteen Native Americans have been killed by police so far this year, compared with 10 in all of 2015, according to The Counted, a log of officer-involved shootings tabulated by The Guardian. 

Per capita, Native Americans are most likely to be killed by police than all other demographics in the U.S.

This isn't the first time a Native American suffering from a psychological condition seeking help was shot and killed by police.

Mah-hi-Vist Goodblanket, who was Arapaho and Cheyenne, died at the age of 18 on December 21, 2013, in Oklahoma after being shot seven times by two Custer County Sheriff's.

Goodblanket, shot once in the back of the head, suffered from Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a psychological condition that prompts defiant and sometimes hostile responses to authority figures. As it was with Davis, police had visited the Goodblanket home after loved ones had called police to help with an episode.

Cindi West, King County Sheriff's Office media relations officer, told reporters that Davis was armed when sheriffs entered her home.

Two of Davis's three children were inside the residence during the incident, Kenrya Renkin of Colorlines reported. Davis was five months pregnant when sheriffs shot and killed her.

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At least 27 Native Americans have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2016. At least 20 were killed in 2015. At least 16 were killed in 2014. At least 4 were killed May 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013. As of October 25 The Guardian lists 14 killed in 2016 and 13 killed in 2015. The Washington Post lists 13 killed in 2016 and 10 killed in 2015.