Courtesy Atsa E'sha Hoferer via Facebook
Scenes from one of the many live feeds on Facebook of police closing in on water protectors.

Manning: Desecration, Mace and Police Snipers With Rifles at DAPL Front Lines

Sarah Sunshine Manning

Reported by Sarah Sunshine Manning on 10/27/16 at 1:10pm Central Daylight Time as it was happening from the side of Highway 1806 at the Treaty Camp erected in the path of bulldozers that are 200 feet away. She said it seems intent of DAPL is to push through at all costs, and police are clearing the way.

Manning's Facebook feed can be found here, and Atsa E'sha's feed here

“We were gathered praying near the site of the original destruction of sacred sites when we saw a police convoy coming down Highway 6. Within minutes, a large force of police arrived on both sides of the camp and surrounded about 400 to 500 water protectors who are here. We see more police arriving.

Police are gathering in strategic areas to surround us. Piercing sirens are constantly blaring. Low flying planes and helicopters are circling. There are armored cars, ATVs, police units and troops on foot moving in. They are using megaphones to tell those who don’t want to be arrested to withdraw from the area, and they asked that children be removed.

The men among the water protectors are singing Sun Dance songs, and a line of women are linked in arms dancing in unity as more police roll in. Police are 100 to 200 feet from the road. They are trying to clear space so they can go through the easement.

There are 20 cars parked on the fence line blocking the path of the police. There are hundreds of cars on both sides of the road, and more people are arriving. There’s concern that police may come up on Highway 134, so people rushed here to reinforce the temporary blockade that has been set up. Water protectors quickly organized and blocked the road with tires, large pieces of wood and cars. A tire was set on fire, but later extinguished.

It appears that police are positioning themselves to protect the DAPL workers by forming a protective barrier of 30 to 40 police units around the construction workers. Police are trying to clear space for the bulldozers so they can plow through the easement right now.

As I stood with a documentary filmmaker, she said that she had reported from Iraq and was more afraid here with all the militarized weapons and troops. She was scared and left quickly saying, “This is a war zone!”

Live video feeds from news stations and activists are getting cut off, and the internet at the Oceti Sakowin Camp is down. There also are reported sightings of motor boats on the Cannonball River, though their purpose is unclear.

As construction plows ahead, DAPL workers are now about 200 feet from Highway 1806, with several hundred water protectors on the opposite side of the road. People have parked about 20 cars along the east side of the highway to block the bulldozers from plowing through the Treaty Camp in its path. The camp now has 15 tipis, scores of tents, a kitchen and a medic tent.

As we watch the threat of arrests unfold, water protectors are calling for help to build up presence in camp. If hundreds of people are arrested here today, more people are needed to shore up the front lines of the blockade. If you’re thinking about coming to help at Standing Rock, now is the time, say organizers.”

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