Cliff Matias
Standing Rock Youth gather with supporters on the Brooklyn Promenade with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.

Standing Rock Youth Erect Tipi Inside Clinton Campaign HQ

Cliff Matias

On a rainy Thursday afternoon ten citizens of the Standing Rock Youth Group traveled to New York City in the hopes of meeting with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at her downtown Brooklyn headquarters.  The youth, Ramapough Chief Dwaine Perry, and about one-hundred supporters first gathered on the famous Brooklyn Heights Promenade where they took turns speaking about their personal feelings on the Dakota Access pipeline and how it has affected life in their community. 

The group then  marched to Clinton HQ to hand deliver a letter they personally prepared. 

In the lobby of the office building they constructed a tipi and sang a round dance song, accompanied by dancers. Mrs. Clinton was not in the building, as she was campaigning in North Carolina, yet her office refused to send down a representative to accept the letter.

 Thirteen year-old Tilkata Ironeyes, of Standing Rock, cried as she asked the front desk attendants to please accept the group’s letter, which they refused to do. It was left on their desk as two-dozen New York City Police officers entered the lobby and gave orders for everyone to exit the building or face arrest.  The crowd left quietly and without incident.  

Outside the building, as the group was making parting remarks, police again threatened arrest if they did not disburse.  “This makes us so sad that no one from her office had the respect for us to at least accept our letter,” commented Tilkata Ironeyes.

At the same time this was happening in NYC, hundreds of North Dakota state troopers were moving in on the front line camp, which had many of the youth concerned. "We are worried about our people. They are attacking us right now on our homeland," said Kenny Uses Arrow.  

By early evening, the Clinton campaign issued a formal statement addressing the DAPL conflict, which can be read in our article at the link below.

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Submitted by Juliet on
'Disperse', not 'disburse'. There might be a policy about such letters. At the same time, they could have at least acknowledged its reciept.