Unicorn Riot/Vimeo
Officers liberally douse water protectors with pepper spray at the front lines of the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Trigger Warning: Disturbing Video of DAPL Confrontation


The activist news outlet Unicorn Riot has been filming events throughout the months-long standoff between the company trying to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the water protectors working to resist it.

This video, taken directly from the front lines of the October 27 police crackdown on the camp established in the pipeline’s path on treaty-protected indigenous land, contains disturbing images. Police douse protectors with mace as if squirting water from a hose, shoot them with tasers and throw them to the ground, all in the name of building a pipeline. Those against the project say they are there solely to protect the water.

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MangasColorados's picture
Submitted by MangasColorados on
The water protectors need some organised strategy and proper tacticians, otherwise they are slowly going to get pushed back. If enough of them swarmed around the police lines the police would not have enough men to stop them and would end up thinning out. Definitely need some group organisation. This is a war. Albeit a peaceful one. It is still a war. We are fighting for the rights of our future generations against the oligarchy of greed. Not unlike the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's.

zapmode's picture
Submitted by zapmode on
You guys will have to step up your game a notch and do it like it should be done, like crazy horse would do it, like aim did it, like the mohawks did it in 1990 or you will never win.