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NoDAPL Water Protector Halloween Costumes Hit Social Media

NoDAPL Water Protector Halloween Costumes Hit Social Media

Vincent Schilling

In the midst of the struggles faced by Native people on the frontlines of NoDAPL, some individuals have taken to social media, posting pictures of themselves in Native American “NoDAPL” Halloween costumes.

In one photo, two girls wearing feathers and shirts with #NoDAPL are in a liquor store holding beers while another couple posed with makeshift costumes holding a bottle of wine, also holding #NoDAPL signs.

In the post with the two girls, which appears to have been taken from Snapchat, one of the signs reads, “I Godda Job, I’m a Water Pertecter.” The caption on the screen captured image says, “Let’s start a riot!” The woman on the left of the photo has what appears to be chains on her ankle.

NoDAPL Costumes on Facebook

Gill PlentyChief on Facebook says the two women are allegedly from West Fargo, North Dakota and wrote, “Apparently these Fargo chicks think they're cooler than life.... smh it's too early for this crap!!”

Among the hundreds of comments on Facebook, Derrik Laham replied, “I don't get it, I hope this isn't like a joke. Are they really being Native American protesters for Halloween? And I guess, mocking literacy?”

In another post, a screen capture of a couple from Mandan, North Dakota Wáhwala Un Wín, an 18-year-old Očetí Šakowin from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe wrote on Twitter, “Wow....just wow. Native's honestly can't even try to take care of the Earth without someone making a joke out of it. This is so gross.”

The couple's post says, “Halloween is the best!! #NoDAPL, #WaterisLife.” After a slew of negative comments, they took down the photo. It also appears they have removed or changed their Facebook accounts.

Kara Zechman on Facebook posted this comment about the man and woman’s post: “Quite honestly, this infuriates me. The Sioux are out there suffering, having sacred burial grounds torn up, having an oil pipeline put straight through their sole water supply by force and what? Now they are a joke? It's funny to take and take from the red man until their broken spirit and shattered pride is all they will have in a country that was once their own? Damn it society we are not a costume, we are not laughing, and we can only stay silent for so long. Native and proud.”

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