Josh Fox/Vimeo
Unarmed water protectors continue to be met with force by police in military gear, and fended off from federal (rather than private) land as Energy Transfer Partners continued digging.

DAPL: Footage of Military-Clad Officers Firing Rubber Bullets and Pepper Spray at Water Protectors


Out of all the utter mayhem registered by cameras as water protectors were stopped from crossing a creek to get at a hill containing gravesites that were being desecrated by construction workers for the Dakota Access Pipeline, perhaps none is more jarring than the footage captured by Josh Fox, maker of the film Gasland. During a half hour of filming he captured the essence of what protectors were going through as they were shot with rubber bullets or maced directly in the face as they swam or waded in freezing-cold water toward a shore lined with cops in military gear.

National Guardsmen plied the water in boats, taking what appeared to be potshots at random people including journalist and activist Erin Schrode, who caught the event on her own camera, as it happened.

Fox logged the events leading up to and surrounding that moment, seen here below.

“I have never seen anything like this,” he wrote on EcoWatch.

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