I Am Not Alone in the Wilderness of Native Trump Supporters

Lynn Armitage

It’s a lonely world out there, standing on my soapbox in Indian Country stumping for Trump. I was beginning to think I was living on another planet. But since my last column was published, other Martians have stepped forward.

And I feel one with the universe again.

With just days until the most important election of our lifetime, it’s important that we all speak out on the issues that matter most to us and our families—civilly, without judgment and ridicule.

I get it—most of Indian Country votes Democrat, and I made it clear about how that mystifies me. Democrats love big government and well, we know what the big, bad American government has done to Native Americans.

Despite our differences in political parties, I ask you to consider this one salient point as a Native American: If protecting the sovereignty of tribal nations is important to you, and I know it is, then you do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton.


It is worth mentioning again that Hillary—as stated in a private speech to Brazilian bankers made public through WikiLeaks—wants to disregard the sovereignty of this entire country and open our borders to her dream of a “hemispheric common market.”

Think about this rationally for a minute: If she wants to sell out the sovereignty of the greatest nation on earth and erase our borders, what makes you think she would protect the sovereignty of Indian Country? She wants the entire world to flow freely right through America, coast to coast, border to border, like Grand Central Immigration Station.

Tribal boundaries be damned!

I could write chapters and verses on all of Hillary’s scandals—there’s just so much to work with, people! Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, says Hillary is “the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency.” It is certainly unusual that a presidential candidate would be investigated by the FBI twice, don’t you think?  Clinton herself calls the FBI’s re-opening of her e-mail case days before the election “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling.”

Democratic political strategist Doug Schoen, who worked for President Bill Clinton, says he fears a “constitutional crisis” if Hillary is elected. Since the FBI has vowed to continue its investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation regardless of the election outcome, a Clinton White House would be so mired in legal muck, any good work for the American people, and certainly for tribal nations, would be completely immobilized.

Let’s return to that disturbing idea of Madam Secretary’s threat to Native sovereignty. When you go into the polling booth next Tuesday, wrestle with this very simple, final thought: If Hillary does not respect America’s borders, why would she respect those of our tribes?

But don’t just take my word for it that Hillary is not right for Indian Country and Donald Trump is. Read why other Native Trump supporters who I encountered out there in the political wilderness will be casting their votes for this improbable political outsider from Queens, New York:

Congressman Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, U.S. Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma: “When you pay attention to what is going on in Indian Country, it seems like the government is trying to appease us and not give us the independence we have a right to. I believe Republicans allow us to be sovereign and with Trump in office, big government won’t be babysitting us like it has been for generations. Also, my top two issues in this election are the economy and the Supreme Court. Hillary has never created a job in her life, but Donald Trump has created thousands. When you talk about which candidate can get the economy moving again, his record is, without question, the most impressive.”

Ella Wilson, Navajo, Prosecutor for the Navajo Nation: “I am supporting Trump because he is pro-life and as a mother of five children, I am, too. Hillary supports Roe vs. Wade, which is an abomination because our children are sacred. I believe they deserve life and it is our duty to protect the unborn. I also like that Trump believes in borders. The Navajo reservation is very close to the border and I live in Gallup, New Mexico, which is a border town. It can be dangerous with so many nationalities coming across unchecked because they may have a hidden agenda. Also, we need to get conservative justices into the Supreme Court because our children and grandchildren’s freedoms are at stake, and I like the list of candidates Trump has come up with.”

Roy Grandbois, Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe, foster care worker for Native children: “I like that Trump wants to put people back to work. I have three grown children who are having a hard time making a living because the job market is so tight. One is a college graduate who works as a bartender. I don’t have grandchildren yet because my kids don’t make enough money to raise a family. Hillary’s economic policies are insane—she wants to raise taxes! And I don’t like that her role model is Margaret Sanger, who called black people ‘the weeds of the earth.’ But the biggest reason I like Trump is because he is honest and speaks the truth, and I do, too.”

Are you a Native Trump supporter, too? Please have the courage to speak up. I would love to hear from you! And in the spirit of democracy, I welcome Hillary supporters to voice their opinions, as well.

Lynn Armitage is a contributing writer and an enrolled member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. 

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Sammy7's picture
Both major party candidates are psychopaths. They reflect American society today. A vote for either is a vote for death. Stay away from these crazy people.
Taylor Oliphant's picture
I found your piece brave, and it honestly provoked me to register an account on this site, so mission accomplished. 🙂 I found the strongest elements of your piece can support a Libertarian platform more than a Republican one. I don’t want bore you with my own dribble but I think Russell Means offers similar arguments. With respect to the primary problem I see with the Republican platform: Conservatism has never included native culture or identity, and has generally been rather violent. Now, this doesn’t make all conservatives bad, it just means they don’t prioritize cultural issues in a the same way as Libertarians or Democrats. There are clearly shifts happening however. I think Paul Ryan’s attempt at framing Republicans as classical liberals will help. A small government progressive party, which accepts science, is very difficult to disprove the benefits of. Whatever label that gets is what everyone should vote on. imho 🙂
Taylor Oliphant
turbojesus's picture
FYI Democrats vote on Wednesday
amandal's picture
You do realize that Trump wouldn’t even consider you Native American because of your appearance? How does *that* fit into respect for tribes? https://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/07/28/donald-trump-and-federal-indian-policy-they-dont-look-indians-me-165291 And as a journalist, are you aware of how anti-press he is? https://cpj.org/2016/10/cpj-chairman-says-trump-is-threat-to-press-freedom.php Or are you just not aware of how very uninformed you are? http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/05/donald-trump-supporters-dunning-kruger-effect-213904 (Notice how I use links with facts to support what I’m saying. I’ve literally never seen a single Trump supporter use facts or evidence to back up their opinions.)
tmsyr11's picture
Unfortunate for American voters both candidates are warped and every sense: “the lesser of TWO EVILS” being that Hillary is the greater threat for Americans both domestically and foreign. The FACTS and EVENTS are prevalent in why Hillary is soo bad – BUT Democrat Voters REFUSE to acknowledge, i.e. “lalalalala, i have my finger in my ear..i am not listening”, and much like the US Media refuses to ask questions and further review! Voting is only one element in part of your CIVITAN responsibilities to your community both as national and TRIBAL members. Rather than dwell what on Democrats can do for YOU (or Republicans) – isn’t LONG LONG OVERDUE to hold your LEGIT Indian Nation – Native Tribal – American Indian Government representatives/officials ACCOUNTABLE for what THEY do in spending Tribal appropriations? How often do you participate in Tribal Meeting decisions to spend and appropriate resources ( provided by the US Federal Government to indian tribal peoples). Instead of activism against Sport Mascots, and 1492 Columbus, could you take a stand against RAMPANT Indian Tribal Government corruption, criminalities, waste, fraud, abuse, ethics on behalf of Indian Tribal peoples? ——This is where the REAL FIGHT is —– that doesn’t covered or talked about! Donald Trump is ONE HOPE in realigning US resources in administering and managing Tribal monies (from US Federal Tax dollar appropriations).
bullbear's picture
Oh pooh pooh! There is no way that more than 500 tribal nations are going to sit back and watch their tribal government as sovereign nations go up in smoke. You need to get real Armitage. As for the economy, Trump is full of hot air and has never laid out any plans on how he will achieve a healthier economy. He has always stood for the rich and pissed on the poor, such as never paying the employees who slaved to literally construct his kingdom. Don’t kid yourself Armitage. America has always had a problem with its borders. We still have room for more and if you believe in human kindness that our Creator wants us to show everyone, you would not back Trump’s ridiculous plans to have Mexico fund a stupid fence that holds no one back if they want to cross it. Of course the cartels are a different animal in itself and war must be waged them and let us not include them in the immigrants who seek a better life for their family and themselves. Just remember to put aside your differences once Hillary Clinton gets into office as we will try to forget that you are a Republican who supported the candidate who has no respect for women, minorities and so much more. PS/ you fall into those brackets.
David Odell's picture
Think back to how excited people were about Obama. War, more war, guns, biggest weapon sales in history. His campaign was “Yes We Can” and “Change”. The patriot act, a horrible piece of legislation, gives Obama the ability to order the North Dakota national guard to stand down. Crickets. To walk in the black goo that is Washington, is to be covered with goo. The goo will not turn orange if Trump gets in. The goo does not change, but the people who walk into it do. Can we please have this much attention on elections that actually may help someone, like local sheriffs and judges. Trump is a gun, and Pence is a bible. Again.
David Odell
James Briggs's picture
You and I have felt much the same thing. I support Trump. My experience was like I was in a movie that was set in a future that seems at first like a paradise until I realized that everyone was insane and the world was actually a brutal dictatorship. Both candidates are psychotic but the voters are worse. People say it is okay that Hillary supported the overthrow of democracy in Honduras because Trump grabbed a women’s boob. That makes me afraid. Of course the insanity of Americans has always been like that when it comes to native people but it certainly is out in the open now and no one cares.
James Briggs
Sylvia Kohse's picture
“I listened as to sovereign nation, and yet the sovereign nation and the people of the sovereign nation have the right to vote in our country. … I want to know, can Indians sign treaties with foreign nations? Can they go and sign a treaty with Germany? The answer is no. Than how is it a sovereign nation?” (http://documents.latimes.com/donald-trump-indian-gaming/#document/p2/a302888) Does this sound like someone who respects us? Why would you think Donald Trump would have any respect for us when he has called Mexicans rapists, been sued by the Justice Department twice for not renting to black people/ said laziness was a trait in black people they “couldn’t control”, and refused to condemn violence committed against minorities by his supporters? Trump is strongly supported by white supremacists. His campaign has emboldened racists and incited violence against minorities. He is a dishonest, bigoted, misogynistic narcissist. Vote for Jill Stein if you are so opposed to Hillary. She went to Standing Rock to help protest the DA pipeline. And sorry, but the Republican Party being for “small government” is disingenuous. Government grows regardless of which party is in power. Both parties spend excessively, are bought and paid for by corporation interests, and have had administrations commit human rights violations without consequence. The biggest difference is that Democrats propose taxing corporations and spending money on citizens while Republicans give tax breaks for corporations that offshore American jobs while cutting spending on food stamps for the people whose jobs were outsourced. Republicans hate government when it implements social programs, passes environmental legislation, or raises taxes on corporations and the rich, but they support it when it serves their own political or financial interests. Conservatives talk about keeping the government out of our business but try to deny the rights of minorities (voter suppression), LGBT people (anti-marriage equality, anti-trans bills) and women in general (anti-choice legislation). They claim to support the troops but have voted against various bills to improve the lives of veterans while lining the pockets of military contractors.
Sylvia Kohse
tmsyr11's picture
CONGRATULATIONS Donald J. Trump 45th-elected US President of United States! If ICMTN won’t congratulate you, then i will be one of a few! Please bear in mind the notion of helping and question legit US Tribal Govt. waste, fraud, and abuse of US federal appropriations. Set the example by sending these corrupt tribal officials to US Prisons. Put a stop to unfettered US border crossings which in turn impacts legit US Indian affairs send the economic refugees back out of the US!

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