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Fire Rock Navajo Casino

Navajo Nation Celebrates Eight Years of Gaming


Eight years ago, the Navajo Nation opened its first casino in Church Rock Chapter, near Gallup, New Mexico. On Saturday, November 19, Fire Rock Navajo Casino turns eight.

Fire Rock Navajo Casino is celebrating its eighth anniversary on November 19, as well as offering food and gaming specials and live music all month long in honor of its eight flourishing years. Throughout the past eight years, hundreds of Navajos have been employed through Fire Rock. They’ve also received leadership, hospitality, gaming and management job training as they advance. The casino is regarded as valuable training ground for Navajo Gaming’s additional three properties that have successfully opened the past ten years.

Fire Rock Navajo Casino is situated along Interstate 40 between Gallup, New Mexico, and Albuquerque.

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“Fire Rock Navajo Casino has led the way for all our properties providing invaluable leadership training and setting the standard for all Gaming employees with their passion, dedication and work ethic,” said Richard Williamson, interim CEO Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise. “We continue to enhance Fire Rock this year as well as all four properties and amenities to become even stronger economic engines for the region.”

Navajo Gaming opened its second Navajo Casino on October 13, 2010: Flowing Water Navajo Casino in Tsé Daak’áán Chapter, near Shiproc. The third Navajo Casino opened January 16, 2012: Northern Edge Navajo Casino, in Upper Fruitland Chapter, near Farmington, New Mexico. The fourth Navajo Casino: Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort, is located in Leupp Chapter, near Flagstaff, Arizona. Currently, Navajo Gaming has 1,200 employees.


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