Death of Choco Gonalez Meza Is a Great Loss

Jennifer K. Falcon

Choco Gonzalez Meza, was a tireless activist for the Democratic Party and the head of the Clinton campaign in San Antonio, died on Sunday, October 9 after a battle with cancer. Community Organizer Choco Gonzalez Meza, a Coalhitecan, worked her whole life to make the world a better place for women and people of color. When Choco, as we all knew her, began her journey back home on October 9, the world of progressive politics felt a great loss. Just hours before her Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton took the time to recognize the loss of her friend and the impact that Choco had on her community.

Choco’s legacy was not just one of getting women elected, she was a woman who empowered other women to work hard to get other women elected. When Choco advocated for candidates, she didn’t just affect policy and government, she trained other women to follow in her footsteps. “Choco was a strong advocate and instrumental in assisting female candidates who were pursuing political positions. Choco would often organize meetings with other politically active women to discuss politics and to meet with different candidates. They would strive to help get these candidates elected. They had nothing to gain from it. They are all selfless in helping these candidates get elected,” said retired Judge Monica Gonzalez. Choco dedicated her life to public service and promoting equality across every spectrum. She effortlessly navigated all the working pieces of politics: she was a high-dollar fundraiser, policy wonk, organizer, voter registrar, campaign manager, and she knew how to whip the votes both in City Hall and at the Democratic National Convention.

“Choco Meza understood that the only way to win an election is through grass roots organization. She insisted that candidates take enough time to really listen to constituents. No amount of social media can take the place of a face to face encounter” San Antonio City Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales said of her Chief of Staff, Campaign Manager, and best friend. When Choco wasn’t at City Hall with Councilwoman Gonzales she devoted her free time to the Hillary Clinton Campaign. She opened an office for them and recently accepted a job as their Regional Coordinator in charge of organizing dozens of Texas counties for “La Hillary.” “To me she represented what it truly means to stay in your community and work to make it better. She didn’t just watch, she got in the game and pushed for change that she wanted to see happen,” said Jennifer Longoria who volunteered with Choco for Hillary Clinton.

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