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Excavators along the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) near St. Anthony, N.D., in October. Pipeline builder Energy Transfer Partners has indicated it will continue moving forward, assuming easements under Lake Oahe will be granted.

Dakota Access Challenges Army Corp on Hold Requests


Dakota Access LLC is digging in both literally and figuratively on its pipeline plans, declaring it will only halt pipeline construction as requested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers while the water protectors are relocated and only if it has an end date that does not compromise its plans.

“Dakota Access has repeatedly indicated to the Corps that if we can agree on a date certain upon which we can complete construction, Dakota Access is prepared to suspend construction activities near Lake Oahe for a reasonable time period as part of an effort to diffuse tension and to facilitate the peaceful removal of protestors from the protest site,” the company said in a statement on Friday November 11. “The Corps has steadfastly and repeatedly rejected that offer.”

Earlier in the week, Dakota Access LLC said it was moving ahead with the understanding that it would receive the easements and be able to drill under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has expressed concern for the safety of water protectors, and the pipeline company stated that it too wants to maintain public safety—but indicated its workers were the ones in danger.

The pipeline is complete in all of North Dakota except this one crossing, the company said. The $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile-long pipeline runs through four states, and the pipeline has already been laid along most of the rest of the route as well.

“We now wish to reiterate—publicly—that Dakota Access shares the safety concerns of the Corps and is prepared to suspend activities at the site if Dakota Access and the Corps can agree upon a date certain upon which we can complete construction beneath the Missouri River at Lake Oahe,” the DAPL statement said.

DAPL officials said that they had already been granted authority under a river-crossing permit issued on July 25, a permit that allows the pipeline to go underneath the surface of 500 feet of Corps-owned land on each side of Lake Oahe. It accused the Corps of politically motivated dithering.

“Despite stating publicly, including before a Federal Judge in early September, that its ‘review process’ related to Dakota Access would be concluded ‘in weeks, not months,’ the Corps review continues even though the grounds for doing so are unclear and reek of political interference,” DAPL’s statement said. “Given that fact, Dakota Access has been left with no choice but to fulfill its responsibilities to its tens of thousands of unitholders by continuing its efforts to complete the project.”

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candyo's picture
Submitted by candyo on
The Canadian people did not want this pipeline in there country because they knew it was devastating to the environment, so why would we want it in our country to destroy our water and land. There is no way to clean-up the mess it will create not to mention the health of our people in the United States. The only people wanting to go ahead and put through this abomination is the oil companies! America is made up of all kinds of people and it will be harming everyone. Candace Odom Cheyenne/Arapaho Full-blood descendant of the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado

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Submitted by mobiledeb on
The arrogance of Dakota Access LLC makes me sick! They are worried about the safety of their workers??? It is not their workers being maced. It is not their workers being shot at with rubber bullets! I say to the Army Corp of Engineers and the U.S. government "Grow a pair of balls and stand up to these people." Let them know in no uncertain terms that their money does not speak when it comes to the welfare of our land, the purity of our water!

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Mary FIsh
Submitted by Mary FIsh on
It is imperative that folks realize how far oil monarchs will go and have gone for oil. They murder people. LOTS OF PEOPLE! . Please share this link and watch this video. .