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Shawn Michael Perry Releases Single ‘Wanted: A Good American’

Honoring Veterans – Shawn Michael Perry Releases Single ‘Wanted: A Good American’

Vincent Schilling

In honor of the Native American veterans who provide service to their country, musician and actor Shawn Michael Perry (Salish/Mayan) of Only the Brave Entertainment has released ‘the single Wanted: A Good American,”in conjunction with the re-release of his Veterans tribute single “Brother in Arms,” to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

According to Perry, songs on Wanted: A Good American” album, include “Brother in Arms,” “Peace Pipe”, “Dirt Dust N Gasoline”, “IF I” and the title track “Wanted: A Good American.” Are a tribute not only to our armed forces but to all men and women that serve, their families, their communities and their country,” says Perry.

In an interview with ICTMN with Perry via email, he talked about why he wanted to honor veterans.

What was your inspiration to create these songs?

My inspiration comes from deep-rooted patriotism for this country. My entire family has served in the U.S. Navy and Army.

What is your message in this album?

I’m saying to veterans and to all Americans, ‘thank you for your service!’ It is important to mention that Standing Rock is on my mind now and that we must respect all efforts in this country to fight for what is right. I truly believe that there should not be any more half-stepping. And yes, I’m talking to you, US GOVERNMENT!

I’m humbled to be a first American and I love this country.

You released the “Wanted: A Good American” single on November 11th, 2016. You previously released “Brother in Arms” on Memorial Day.  What about the rest of the album?

The entire album, “Wanted: A Good American” drops Nov 22nd on iTunes. You can also visit my website or visit cd baby to purchase it. There is also information on my social media outlets to include Twitter (@ShawnShawnPerry) and Facebook.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I wish to thank my wife Belinda Perry for all her hard work on everything from press releases to the creation of our new video for “Brother In Arms.”

I’ll be on the Native Trailblazers radio program, Friday November 11th at 8pm est for a special veterans day radio program with my new music and an interview.

I’ll also be on the Brad Mercer’s Bands ‘N’ Fans radio program for a special veterans day show.

Thanks to Dan Marshall and Tom Petrone of MP Musichouse, to Brad Mercer and Jimi Heil for their hard work and a special thanks to the Black Lodge Singers for their song contribution at the end of “Wanted A Good American.” God Bless you all and have a great Veterans Day.

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