All Photos by Vincent Schilling
Proud Photos of Native Veterans by Vincent Schilling

Veterans Day Honor: Proud Photos of Native Veterans

Vincent Schilling
Blessings to you all on this Veterans Day.

As a Veteran and former Second Lieutenant of the U.S. Army, one of my biggest privileges has been to take photographs of my fellow Native Veterans throughout the years for ICTMN.

In honor of Veterans Day 2016 – here are photographs of so many of you Native veterans who have served in war and in peace, in struggle and peace; stateside and overseas and along our Nation’s coastlines.

If you understand such terminology as ‘good to go,’ ‘hua’, dress right dress, muster, ‘at ease’ and much more, this day is in your honor.

To all of those veterans out there who served and to those families who lost someone, a most blessed Veteran’s Day to you all. I thank all of my fellow veterans for their service to this country.At Arlington's National Cemetery.Honoring Native Veterans in Virginia - Photo: Vincent SchillingAt a Virginia Beach pow wow giving a blessing to Veterans - Photo: Vincent SchillingVirginia Beach pow wow - a proud Native woman Veteran - Photo: Vincent SchillingProud to meet fellow Native Veteran Ret. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell - Courtesy Photo: Vincent SchillingActor and Veteran Apesanahkwat - Photo: Vincent SchillingThe Honor Guard is the leading element of any pow wow - Photo: Vincent SchillingNative Women Warriors - Photo: Vincent SchillingNative Veterans in Washington DC - Photo: Vincent SchillingA Salute by Native Veterans in Washington DC - Photo: Vincent SchillingNative Veterans in Washington DC thanking their fellow veterans - Photo: Vincent SchillingNative Veteran and Grass Dancer Danny Garneaux - Photo: Vincent SchillingNative Veterans in Virginia - Photo: Vincent SchillingAn elder Native Veteran in Virginia saluted the flag - Photo: Vincent Schilling

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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Thank to all you COMBAT Veterans of all Wars and Conflicts, Engagements. You remind me and my family of YOUR sacrifices and great care to ensure US American interests (good or bad) are watched, monitored and/or protected. Today is a Good Day for Veterans and all Americans for the "new beginnings" and opportunities that too many seemingly take for granted and hurl names and insults to a US system that everyone of us has benefited from. God Bless America and God Bless the Veterans (combat and military).