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Dave Matthews Supports Standing Rock During Livestream Concert

Dave Matthews Supports Standing Rock During Livestream Concert – Social Media Erupts

Vincent Schilling

During an online livestream on Sunday, the Stand with Standing Rock concert in Washington, D.C. — which featured performances by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, along with Neko Case, Graham Nash, Ledisi and Lakota Thunder — received rave support from social media.

While the YouTube livestream concert garnered over 63,000 views, associated videos on facebook received well over half a million each, with tens of thousands of comments, likes and shares.

On the livestream, Dave Matthews opened the event by explaining why he was involved — his experiences in Standing Rock through the Turnaround Arts organization and a Standing Rock elementary school.

“I met these amazing kids. They made me feel super-special. I gotta tell you, children are magical at making the world a better place. It would be nice to know that we could make the world a better place for them. Hopefully we can.”

Matthews explained that when he was at the school, conflicts were taking place in North Dakota regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline and he decided to visit the camp.

“What struck me so much was the certainty and righteousness of what t[the water protectors] are doing. They are standing up, saying, ‘This is our clean water, this is our land, these are our sacred places, and you can’t just dig them up to fill your pockets.’”

Concert proceeds will support the water protectors in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

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Adina Williams I couldn’t be more proud to be a fan of this wonderful band, and of you, Dave Matthews. Huy Chexw a-Thank you, from Coast Salish territory-Vancouver, Canada. This will be remembered forever.

Shawna Holman My sweet cousin is at Standing Rock right now…. goddess please watch over these amazing people protecting the land! Stay with them and help them hold their courage!

James Jamie House Love, respect, and courage for every soul at Standing Rock. Love and humanity over corporate greed and hatred!!! Love for all!!




Lisa W’Citizen

If only this could be shown in every school … teach our children what is really important. THAT would help Mother Earth!

LaCosta Gifford

Water is Life standing with standing rock!


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