Not Every American Is Racist, but Whose Racist Agendas Will Be Implemented?

Alex Jacobs

So is everyone in America racist? Or are only half racists? If only 47% of eligible Americans cast votes, is it just 25% of Americans that are racist? Are the 10 million Americans who didn’t vote or were unable to vote racist? Those voters who feel they were forgotten and ignored and don’t consider themselves racist but still allowed Racism, Intolerance and Misogyny to win political power, may soon feel like it was a bait and switch trick, like three-card Monte. A small vocal minority is acting out with hundreds of racially motivated attacks across the country, often young people acting out their parent’s racism reinforced during this political campaign. Just invoking the name Trump seems to sanction abuse. Hitler was able to gain control with only 36% of the vote but that was followed by the compliance of democrats, republicans and imperialists who felt they could control him or that he didn’t mean what he was saying.

Alexander Hamilton spoke about the “tumult and disorder” that a demagogue could bring upon the country and that the Electoral College was a last obstacle for moral men to vote their conscience in support of the nation’s ideals and constitutional democracy. Unfortunately the two party system works against it now, even though the “Founding Fathers” put it in place just for such an occurrence. This 2016 transition of power is not peaceful but it is not riotous. Had Trump lost, we could’ve expected protests and violence as promised by Trump’s most racist contingents. Instead they gather in Washington at the Ronald Reagan Building and shout Heil Trump, Heil Victory to the “New Normal.”

So now we get to Steve Bannon and his Breitbart News and how he took the Nazi playbook and applied it to Trump’s campaign and is soon to be ensconced as an advisor in the west wing of the White House. But to declare Bannon as nothing but a racist is to deny how brilliantly Machiavellian his strategy was. If we can take him at his word, his racist dog whistles were just a distraction to invigorate several conservative bases and when a power vacuum appears, why not install a proper American right wing Christian regime? There was fighting in the streets in 1933 Germany between Nazi thugs and Communists and today’s protests should be evaluated in that light. Hitler’s Brown Shirts became expendable and that is what Bannon means when he says, “over time (that racism) all gets kind of washed out.” There will be deeper and darker agendas at play and more tumult and disorder just as Hamilton warned. Enemies’ lists, immigrant (religious) registries, committees on un-American activities, a subverted media are all possible but need the acquiescence of the populace.

America’s constitutional democracy is at stake, as is this nation’s moral standing and leadership in the world. Russia and China will benefit most immediately. It is worth noting that it was dictators, demagogues and extremists who were the first to congratulate Trump. ISIS and the Taliban also celebrated Trump’s victory, hoping for new recruits.

Bannon flattered and coaxed a narcissistic Trump in radio interviews and would try to get Trump to come around to his agenda or at least say it was an option or possible. Media has been sucker-punched and doesn’t know how to handle being bullied. Corporate media outlets are even hesitant to call Breitbart News “neo-nazi and white supremacist” preferring the term “Alt-Right” yet ignore the violent Christian Identity groups and rape-culture promoters among them. The fear in the media is that Trump will change libel laws and consider other direct assaults on first amendment rights. With all his personal and business issues soon to become the nation’s business, Trump continues to criticize and belittle corporate media since he still needs to misdirect blame (and to gloat) and to feed his supporters some red meat and distractions. Trump will need a compliant media to sell some of his and Bannon’s agenda.

Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan is another bait and switch with his team members touting a plan to reform criminal justice, get some of these ex-felons and the unemployed working on these alleged infrastructure jobs and as Trump says, do it at a third of the cost. But it is a trap to get Democrats to back a big spending and jobs bill which isn’t the usual deficit spending jobs on needed and necessary projects that are generally unprofitable. The plan will benefit investors, developers and privatize these infrastructure projects. Investors will get the benefits of tax breaks and the projects won’t belong to the people who may still have to pay in tolls. If this False Infrastructure Bill is passed, it is Bannon’s plan to turn these projects into votes and remain in power.

Bannon’s own deeper agendas can be gleaned from his radio interviews, past statements and new interviews. One area of concern is this Judeo-Christian militaristic tradition to counter anything from the pagan East, atheistic Russian or Chinese commies, and now radical Islamic jihadists. He says the neo-con and neo-liberal establishments, essentially the crony-capitalist globalists, need conflict to make profits in which people, nations and economies are just expendable pawns. Bannon’s war against the pagan east of radical Islam is aimed to save the Judeo-Christian civilization as the basis for a revitalized enlightened capitalism. Either way we get an invigorated military-industrial-congressional complex paid for by taxpayers, slashed social services and its where many of these “new jobs” will occur.

Bannon’s agenda is to find allies on the left, by attacking the greed merchants and the current Wall Street style of “Crony Capitalism” who have been fleecing American consumers and taxpayers. His concept of enlightened capitalism is that it has been beneficial to mankind, but it was a world war against fascism and near full employment that made that version of America “Great,” along with its own Great Satan enemy, Communism. His critique against crony-capitalism in the democracies equates it to the state-capitalism of dictatorships since only certain cliques reap the benefits. This concept also says that businesses who fail (because of non-Christian character defects) should not be bailed out by taxpayers. How this plays out with Trump’s business advisors, we have to wait and see. But Robert Kennedy Jr is using similar arguments of Free Market Capitalism to empower green-energy over dirty fossil fuels. It gets complicated and many factions are played against each other in a short time as the power vacuum remains open.

Trump’s “bromance” with Vlad Putin is also an issue since Russia is a great atheistic state-capitalistic kleptocracy, and is a main player in the geo-politics in Syria. So, right now the slaughter in Aleppo, Syria, could conceivably stop if Trump and Putin and Assad could just have a beer together, right? But Bannon doesn’t trust Putin. Bannon wants a Christian War against Radical Islam (and Atheism) in which Capitalism will win the day, put us all to work and bring about a new Pax Americana. The ex-generals that Trump is interviewing are telling him realities that run counter to his campaign promises but they are also professional war-mongers who say winning is more important than the concerns and fears of the citizenry. Another energized religious base out there are Apocalyptic (Evangelical) Christians who want a WWIII do induce a “rapture,” it doesn’t help that the term “Trumpet” is cited in biblical passages to warn, prepare and celebrate some heavenly intervention.

Bannon says he is not a racist and his movement it is not racial, he is not a white nationalist, he is a nationalist and his vision for Trump America is an Economic Nationalist Movement. Bannon’s own words tie together Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Darth Vader and Satan…but no Hitler. Maybe to Bannon, Hitler failed, but his playbook was critical to Trump’s rise. The warning from history is this, beware when you are asked to give up your responsibility in return for shiny new promises of a bright future.

Alex Jacobs, Mohawk, is a visual artist and poet living in Santa Fe.

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