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E.g., 02/07/2015
E.g., 02/07/2015


  1. February 05, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Beauty Meets Obama; Talks Past Achievements and Future Goals

    When Thomas Beauty attended President Obama’s 6th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference in Washington, D.C. in early December, he wore three virtual hats: Beauty is chairman of the Yavapai-Apache Nation ; he is the elected executive vice president ...

  2. February 04, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Yavapai-Apache Chairman: ‘Oak Flat Holy Sites are Central to Apache Spiritual Beliefs’

    The Yavapai Apache Nation opposes the Senate’s giveaway of a parcel of public land in southeastern Arizona that includes Oak Flat, an Apache sacred site. The sacred site is part of a 2,400-acre landscape of forests, streams, desert, grasslands, craggy mou ...

  3. February 02, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Salaita Sues University and Donors Over Firing for ‘Uncivil’ Criticism of Israel

    Dr. Steven Salaita has filed a multi-claim civil rights lawsuit against top officials at the University of Illinois for firing him as a tenured professor in the American Indian Studies program after he publicly criticized Israel’s bombing of Gaza last sum ...

  4. January 30, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Senate Passes Keystone; Obama Promised Veto

    The Senate voted 62-36 to approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, forcing a showdown with President Obama, who has promised to veto the bill. The controversial $8 billion Keystone XL Pipeline is a Canadian-owned project that would carry more tha ...

  5. January 28, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Murkowski Blasts Obama’s Protection of Pristine Wildlife Refuge

    The White House said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) “overreacted” to a presidential announcement about expanding environmental protection in Alaska, according to Politico .   The Christian Science Monitor called her response a “primal scream.” However Mur ...

  6. January 27, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    San Carlos Apache Leader: ‘What Was a Struggle to Protect Our Most Sacred Site Is Now a Battle’

    Washington lawmakers may think their passage of a bill giving the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s sacred land to a giant international mining company is a done deal, but they may have to think again. The San Carlos Apache Tribe is organizing an all-out campaign ...

  7. January 21, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Two-Year Legal Battle Ends: Wayland Gray’s Convictions Overturned

    A two-year legal fight over a Muscogee (Creek) Nation man’s access to his people’s ancient sacred ceremonial land ended recently in a small state courtroom in Wetumpka, Alabama. It took a 12-person jury there less than 45 minutes on Wednesday, January 14 ...

  8. January 15, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Breaking: Jury Overturns Hickory Ground Activist Wayland Gray’s Convictions

    It took a 12-person jury in Wetumpka, Alabama, less than 45 minutes to decide that Wayland Gray, a Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen, was wrongly convicted of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor criminal trespassing when he tried to pray for his ancestors at ...

  9. January 14, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Keystone Moves to Senate Floor Debate

    The Senate voted 63-32 Monday to debate a bill to approve the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, making an end run around President Obama’s executive authority to approve or reject projects that cross the international border. The controversial $8 billio ...

  10. January 12, 2015 | Gale Courey Toensing

    Keystone OK’d by Senate Committee, House & Nebraska

    The Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline moved forward last week when a Senate committee and the House voted to approve the project despite President Obama’s promise to veto the bill, and the Nebraska Supreme Court permitted its construction through the sta ...