11th Annual Sobriety Pow Wow in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Courtesy Lorraine Bosin)

12th Annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Pow Wow Honors Niles Bosin

December 29, 2012

Since 2001 Lorraine and Niles Bosin have hosted the New Year’s Eve Sobriety Pow Wow in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sadly, Niles passed away in January this year, just weeks after their 2011 powwow concluded. 

The late Niles Bosin (Courtesy Lorraine Bosin)

However, Lorraine is determined to carry on with the traditon and will still host the 12th annual powwow on Monday, December 31st.

This year’s event will be in his memory and will be honored throughout the event. Niles (Kiowa, Comanche, and Caddo) was a Vietnam veteran as well as a graduate from Northeastern State University and “believed that alcohol was not the Indian way. He wanted to provide a safe and fun environment for those wishing to bring in the New Year in a good way.” Lorraine said of her late husband. “Niles wanted to promote sobriety and he loved to help people anyway he could.”

In previous years the NYE Sobriety Pow Wow was held in a small local high school gymnasium. However, the incredible growth in attendees has forced them to move the event to the Tulsa Convention Center, a much larger venue to accommodate the huge crowd.

The powwow kicks off at 12pm with Gourd dancing throughout the entire day with a dinner break from 4:30PM – 6PM.

After the Grand Entry at 7PM, dancers will compete in categories including Men’s Fancy, Women’s Jingle and Shawl combined, and the precious little Tiny Tots.

This year’s head staff will include Master of Ceremonies Tim Tall Chief (Osage), Head Singers Leonard Cozad (Kiowa) and Pat Oyebi (Kiowa), Northern Drum Red Land Singers, and many, many more.  

A Cedar Ceremony will wrap up the event toward the end of the night.

For more information about the 12th Annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Pow Wow, please contact Lorraine Bosin 918.639.799 or Karl Beaston 918.832.1981.


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Great picture of Lorraine and Niles ..Nice also of you standing in front of his Fathers Keeper of the Plains .

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