53-Year-Old Native Woman Attacked in California

December 18, 2012

As politicians in Washington D.C. continue to argue over details of the Violence Against Women Act, Native women continue to be the victims of attacks at a high rate. The Fresno Bee is reporting that the Visalia police have identified a woman found unconscious outside a restaurant in downtown Visalia, California but are not releasing her name as she may have been a victim of sexual assault. The woman is a 53-year-old American Indian woman, that was identified through fingerprints as she remains in critical condition at a Fresno hospital with head and facial injuries. The attack is still under investigation. Read The Fresno Bee article here.

Another attack and near death of a Native American woman. What is being done to stop the violence? I know violence happens everyday, but why are Native American women targeted so often? Are they mostly being beaten by other Native Americans or those of other races? Research will probably show the attackers are not Native Americans. We've had horrible evil and violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the past week. First graders are so impressionable and so much fun to teach. I used to be a teacher and ended my working career as a Children's Services worker. I have been able to see over many years, that violence often begins at home, for most instances where people are violent against others. They either see domestic violence at home and act out on family members or strangers when young or older. Then there are those born with neurological/mental problems, many who fall between the cracks, not getting treatment that is so badly needed. First and foremost we need to teach peace and love in homes during pregnancy and most parents without decent peaceful families that support them and help them, and even those that have that support, should all be required to take parenting classes before their children are delivered. I don't mean some 3 hour seminar, but a 6 to 10 week course of at least 2-3 hours each session of serious parenting to be continued at intervals of each age group change. So many parents don't understand what their children are capable of doing and understanding at different ages. Some don't understand where their children should be developmentally to try to get help early for those not developing as they should be, whether it's a mental or medical issue. In our agency, we found more and more child abuse and adult abuse cases were a result of either/and/or a history of violence in the family, mental illness, children and adult with mental and developmental delays from birth with little understanding of right and wrong, mentally retarded parents who could not take care of themselves let alone their children, and the occasional person who had been through so much that they just simply snapped and, for lack of a better word, "went postal" on someone.

Intolerance needs to be and can be taught. It isn't rocket science. Parent education should be a requirement in high school along with fetal and human development. Parenting should be a privilege, not a right. Those who want to be parents should be willing to go to parenting classes at each stage of their child's development. There are some parents who should never be parents. If there is constant violence in a home, that's what a child's understanding of normal is going to be. Movies and videogames don't make a person do violent things. It may make some more vulnerable than others, but parents should be supervising what their kids do on their computers and not letting them spend hours in their rooms alone with no supervision of their computers. Supervision is something that is lacking in many families.

Hopefully the person who so horribly attacked this woman will be brought to justice and we will learn more about what kind of a person he/she/they are and what kind of background their home life was like. Often that speaks volumes of what a person is capable of. What happens in the privacy of a home is often kept secret. There are many dirty secrets in many families.

Another thing we need to do is to teach our children/teens/adults responsible ways to stay safe and attempt to do their best to protect themselves from evil people. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's worth a try.

While all this may seem to have nothing to do with what happened to this woman attacked in California, it really does. The only way we are going to achieve a peaceful society is to teach peace and tolerance from before a baby is thought of until a child is born and lives out their life and dies.

How sad My prayers will be for her and her family, I hope they catch who ever did this!

THE BRUTALITY OF MAN, MEN on women and on indigenous women from the beginning of time--the white man with their slaves, the spanish men with the indian women, all indigenous women--the pain of these tragedies surrounds the earth and the earth screams for release, relief

my heart goes out for this woman,seems an ever increasing amount of evil has become America's norm.you can destroy,wipe out and incarcerate and like a bad nightmare,its still present today,How can we expect a mercival GOD,when we show no mercy and compashion for others.Soulless monsters abound,more people should be armed and trained in self defence. Be aware of what's happening around them,listen to the inner voice and its warnings.

my heart goes out for this woman,seems an ever increasing amount of evil has become America's norm.you can destroy,wipe out and incarcerate and like a bad nightmare,its still present today,How can we expect a mercival GOD,when we show no mercy and compashion for others.Soulless monsters abound,more people should be armed and trained in self defence. Be aware of what's happening around them,listen to the inner voice and its warnings.

I remmeber when a white man attacked and killed a Indigenous woman in Wasilla Alaska. The all white jury let him go. Shortly after he killed a white woman and the all white jury convicted him.
Alaska has its justice system for the non Indigenous and a different justice system for the Indigenous with a 100% incarceration rate and double the sentences as the non Indigenous.
It's called colonialism and is used to help rid Indigenous lands of Indigenous so the whites can finish stealing the rest of the resources and lands


Our prayers goes out for this woman that was attacked and in critical
condition. This should not happen to anyone.
This isn't a man, hes an animal, a real man would not do this. I hope
they put him away for ever. God Bless!

This is shameful and disgusting and violence against women or anyone or anything needs to come to an end...It starts at home with good parenting skills...Teach your children how to love others and be kind. A way of teaching them is by example. Be kind and loving to your children and others as the young ones learn by how they are treated and how they see others are being treated...

My prayers and sympathy for the poor woman, and all women who experience hatred by any method the perpetrators use. Whether it's a whisper of downgrading natives, from one ethnic to a white, or vice versa; or plain physical brutality.
There's something that needs to be done among we, natives. We need to unite as a community. And we need more and more education. If we live to be 100, we can never get too much education. I know that sounds impossible to most natives, but the more educated we become, the more we can educate the world about our spiritual devotion to
The Great Spirit, and why He chose us to be caretakers of Mother Earth, and educators to the non-natives. Every native american family should value education as much as possible.

Not all women are assaulted by men; some women sexually assault other women and they can be just as brutal.

so sorry to here this going on;;nothing seems to ever change ;prayers go out for her;im not full bld but i hurt bad when i here this/ cant tell just how much;; just hope change is coming. just know that anyone who hurts any american native women hurts right into true americans/god bless.

Those of us that heard of attack are sending prayers for her. We wish we could know who she is so that a Medicine Man or Woman could attend to her, too. Its a terrible thing to happen to anyone. JMA/Visalia

My Love and Prayers go out to the Native American Elder Lady that was assaulted in Visalia,Ca.This is uncalled for whoever that hurts are Native Women is not a man or whoever it was does not have a heart as a real person,spiritually.Are Native Women are to be protected and nutured,they are the real bearers of Life,as a man myeslf I will DIE for are Beautiful Native Women.L & P goes out to the:Beautiful Women,mother's,daughters,baby's of are people....Balance of Life!I like to finish with this to the men,Respect,Protect,Nuture are Women that are the bearers of life....4 D....

May I say, if less than two hundred years ago, that could be as little as 2-3 generations ago, Custer and his follower's besides killing women and babies of First Nation folks by using his sword to dig up the infants burried under shallow dirt with breathing leeds/straws, he would just look for fresh turned soil and assume an infant was hiding just below the soil so Custer would without a stop horse ride by the fresh turned soil and bring First Nation, babies up on the tips of his sword, going along killing dozens in his path, and when he killed the women, he would sometimes cut their breast's off and use them for his and his followers "Tobacco" pouches, does this bit of hidden American History help you make a decision on how you feel about all these political issues facing this new generation of First Nations...What can we do, to stop this prejudice way of thinking of First Nation's Peoples all across , north to south, east to south and anywhere aside that Aboriginal folks live. Somebody suggest something impressive and worth reading.
please............Abenaki and Attekmamek and more...clan descendant.