California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez is pushing to replace Columbus Day with Native American Day in California. (Photo courtesy Roger Hernandez)

Assemblyman Pushes for Native American Day to Replace Columbus Day

January 08, 2013

Instead of Columbus Day, California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, D-West Covina, has introduced legislation that would recognize the second Monday in October as Native American Day.

Columbus Day is still recognized in California, despite the egregious actions taken against Native American people,” said Hernandez in a statement announcing Assembly Bill 55.

His bill would recognize Native American Day as state holiday and would require the governor of California to proclaim it as such, meaning state agencies would close. Currently, the governor recognizes the fourth Friday of September as Native American Day.

Hernandez, in his statement, said the legislation, “is inspired by the recognition that the so-called discovery of the America’s by Columbus eventually led to the genocide of Native Americans. This bill hence provides the proper respect and recognition to our Native American nations.”

AB 55 has run into opposition from lawmakers who feel Columbus should still be celebrated, reported the Los Angeles Times.

“As a proud fifth-generation Italian American, I support Columbus Day and the contributions of Italians to California,” said Sen. Cathleen Galgiani, D-Stockton.


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How do you discover something that was already here! I am a second generation Italian American and I don't support Columbus day, I am proud of my heritage but I don't see what contributions Columbus made to this country, I would be in favor of rescinding the holiday because is is based on flasehoods.

I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King has made very valuable contributions to our soceity and that we need to remember him for his work, and to remind us of how much work is left to do. I hope AB55 awakens people and makes them think, especially about what is being taught as "facts" in schools.

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Time for all American immigrants to honor the first inhabitants of this land...they come first and should always come first. I totally support this!

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HURRAY for Assemblyman Roger Hernandez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a “Proud to be Cherokee” in South Texas, I just have two questions for Sen. Cathleen Galgiani; would she be so willing to celebrate the day a Foreigner invaded her Native Home Land, pilfering, raping & slaughtering her family ???
And would she be so gullible as to allow herself to be brainwashed into celebrating that Foreigner on that day - for ‘Discovering’ her Home Land ???
I Will PRAY for her AWAKENING.

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If Columbus had sailed in the other direction would the Italians be claiming tha he discovered ENGLAND also???

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Oh boy mmmm does not seem right why can"t Native American Day be a holiday of it's own the 3rd Monday of the Month and then no one will fell slighted Ya

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I am white and and all for this change. Columbus Day is a sham, thanksgiving day reminds us all of how we sadly changed this countries history forever. Blacks get a whole month to remember their sad history, I would rather see this day as a day to remind us all of the true American story....

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