Excerpt from Statement of Unity adopted by chiefs meeting with the Assembly of First Nations on December 6, 2012. (Courtesy Chiefs of Ontario)

Canada's Senate Passes Bill C-45 as Aboriginals Vow Not to Honor It

December 14, 2012

Bill C-45 passed 50–27 as aboriginals across Canada continued protesting under the motto “Idle No More,” and Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence began her fourth day of a hunger strike to protest abhorrent reserve conditions.

The bill will be sent to the Governor General and become law once he signs it, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network reported. Conservative Algonquin Senator Patrick Brazeau, who voted in favor of the bill, told APTN that many chiefs supported it and that fear mongering had led to a misunderstanding of the bill. Many First Nations claim the bill undermines sovereignty and treaty rights, with some even going so far as to say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is trying to terminate all their rights.

The bill amends the Fisheries Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, hte Navigable Waters Protection Act and the Canada Labour Code, according to the Chiefs of Ontario. First Nations reacted immediately and strongly to the passage, citing the lack of consultation with First Nations during the creation of a bill that profoundly affects aboriginals' daily lives. 

“Bill C-45 will not be enforced or recognized by their First Nations," said a statement released by the Chiefs of Ontario in conjunction with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Anishinabek Nation, Grand Council Treaty No. 3, Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, and Independent first Nations.  

“At no time in the nine months that Bill C-45 was being considered did the Government of Canada discuss any matters related to it with First Nations—this bill breaches Canada’s own laws on the fiduciary legal duty to consult and accommodate First Nations," said Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy in the statement. "The Canadian government just gave birth to a monster.”

Chiefs unanimously adopted a Statement of Unity at the Assembly of First Nations' conference on December 6, 2012. 

Resolution Adopted by First Nations Chiefs (Courtesy Chiefs of Ontario)



Submitted by Anonymous on

Harper government is self-centred to say the least ... undemocratic is more descriptive

Submitted by Anonymous on

I pray this to be born, count me in. I'm game!!
People who are guided by principles of "PEACE", "HARMONY", and "RESPECT" !!!! governed by our Creator I give power to.
May all who seek movement , empowerment , justice, harmony and balance, I join in prayer for a complete manifestation of unification. I will stand with a universal movement to spiritually motivate cosmic energy to create what is ask for the First Nation People. Godspeed!!! Native Americans Unite in Prayer!!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Can you post a bit of information about the bill? This article just says that it amends some previous acts. Thanks!

Submitted by Anonymous on

THESE PEOPLE WHO I CONSIDER IMMIGRANTS ARE AS IGNORANT AS THEY COME !! One only has to look at their past to see the evilness -past and present. I am ready to DIE for my people, i am ready to FIGHT no matter the consequences. Mark my words these people are going to be the downfall of all mankind !!! They have no regard for Mother Earth, They have no respect for the resources that she offers to all people to live and survive ...We have been here since time immemorial; they have been here for a mere 200 years, and all ready they have manage to FUCK everything up ! They have the AUDACITY to call my people savages ..lol ...Really, to that i would say lets start comparing HISTORIES ..not ... HIS story ...

Submitted by Anonymous on

we have always been ignored and the Gov. of our lands always disregarded us broken promises and lies is all we ever gotten. When a crisis happens to our people they form, Royal Commissions that only serve to give jobs to the people who sit on the commision's and again they are stored on the shelves to collect dust just like all the other royal commisions the Gov. has commisioned.Hoping that the ans. will be different and problems they have ignored have lessened.The dept of Indian and Northern Affairs proudly say they are resposible for us yet do nothing and know nothing of us....They ( Provincial n Federal Gov. all levels of Gov. only give us notice when they want a photo op then back to doing nothing once they have lied and stolen more n more of our lands and negleting and our rights. )

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Submitted by kainaikoan on

Harper stood up in Parliament of Canada and apologized for the treatment of First Nation people in Canada in June of 2008; he said a new relationship between his government and first nation people will occur. Its been 4 years since the apology, instead he is implying ethnic cleansing and genocide on First Nations people of Canada.

Submitted by Anonymous on

im sick of aboriginals saying my land ,its all our land now, if u go back in history ull see their were people here way before the aboriginals so who can really say who was here first.second of all why do i havet to suffer because my ancestors screwed up , does that seem fair, i don't think so.im white i grew up poor and on welfare, i would love to be able to go to school for free and hunt for free and receive a lot for free, but i cant cause im white, is that racism u tell me.also if we stop propping them up they will get better on their own we dont need to carry them. they are people too who can find their own way like the rest of us , we gotta assimilate together and live together equally and evenly. also by doing that we should have more money for all races to go to school or more money to help all of us. cause im sick of being called a greedy white man , when im in the same boat as most aboriginals , but they at least have more oppurtiities to better themselfs with all the free things we provide.

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